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Celebrity Wife Survival Tips


Pilar and Deion

If your husband is a celebrity, please know that you are important too!!! For those who have been cut off, crossed over, pushed aside or left behind in a swamp of people, don’t take it personal. Keep your cool and try to understand that even though some people are just flat out RUDE…others may never have another chance in life to meet your infamous hubby.

Living in the limelight has its positives and negatives of course like anything in life.

  • If you’re looking for privacy, you’ll have to look pretty hard and go that extra mile to find it.
  • You can’t trust everyone who smiles in your face. Peoples’ intentions and motives are often very different than what you may expect, but they will surface, so keep an open eye.
  • Don’t lose yourself in everything else around you. Keep a fist full of people close who are willing to say no to you and tell you the truth about anything, including yourself. (someone who can pull your coattail)
  • You need people who can speak into your life. People who aren’t there to take, but to give.
  • Continue to take time out to focus on what is important to you, be it reading, writing, education, exercise, whatever hobby or dream you’ve had….keep working on it and never stop being significant in your life!!  

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