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Sarah, meet Sarah!

Sarah's Exit Interview: Tiana Deserves the Prize

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Top 40 Moments from 'Battle' Season 2! (PHOTOS)

Bringing the reunion heat!

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April Fools! Rocky and Shelly are totally cool with each other.

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The flame between Nancy and Camilla is rekindled! And it's made of spandex!

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Alliances unite!

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Rocky arrived to the 'Battle' house in style.

Rocky's Exit Interview: "I Would Have Won. Everyone Knows That"

There's a strange calm in the air the day of the final challenge.

Tiana Wins! Check Out the 'All Star Battle' Finale Recap (PHOTOS)

The winning twerk!

Winner's Chat with Tiana: "I DID IT! I DID IT! And I Did It For My Brothers!"

Tiana still doesn't feel right about the competition.

8 Reasons to Watch the 'All Star Battle' Finale!

In Case You Missed It...Watch 'All Star Battle' Episode 6

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Which Bad Girl do you want to win All Star Battle Season 2?

Which All Star Deserves the Cash?


Shelly's Exit Interview: "Sorry Not Sorry!"

Once upon a time, a girl named Nancy rolled up to the 'Battle' house in a limo.

Nancy's Exit Interview: "I Wasn't Surprised...Just a Little Bitter"

Enough of that. Ray J gives the girls a rude awakening.

The Final Six: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 9

Twas the day of a Battle and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...

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Chat with Sarah During Tonight's Episode of 'All Star Battle'

Bad Girls don't take kindly to Ray Js with megaphones early in the morning.

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On the way to the house for the first time!

Valentina's Exit Interview: You Mean I Ate All That S*** for Nothing?!

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Alliances are still strong in the house between the former Gold Team...

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Blonde on Blonde love!

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First day in the house!

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Rocky narrowly escaped last week's double elimination (mostly) unscathed.

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Tonight: Join Our Twitter Q&A with Natalie Nunn, Nancy & Sarah!

Velvet ropes? What does Ray J have in store for the girls now?

8 Reasons to Watch 'All Star Battle' Episode 7! (PHOTOS)

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Which Bad Girl Should Win 'All Star Battle' Season 2?

She Said/She Said: Was Camilla's Reaction Justified?

'All Star Battle' Returns Tuesday, February 25 at 8/7c!

Alls fair in love and battle.

20 Photos of Bad Girls In Love....(Read: Lust)

Sochi Sarah: Shout Out to Ladies Doing It for Family

Making an entrance.

Camilla's Exit Interview: "The Bitch Snaked Me Again"

Janelle had a terrible experience on BGC 11. Maybe 'Battle' will be better?

Janelle's Exit Interview: I Was Voted Off to Save Rocky

Bad Girl Revenge: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 6

Ray J's got a present!

Here's What Happened on 'All Star Battle' Episode 6 (PHOTOS)

8 Reasons to Watch Episode 6! (PHOTOS)

Throwback Thursday! Which 'Battle' Star is This?

Sarah's Exit Interview: Tiana Deserves the Prize

Sarah, meet Sarah!

Sarah made it until the bitter end...but she fell short in the most crucial point in the competition and lost the 100K to Tiana. But, if you know this blond bubbly bombshell at all, you know she bounces back very easily and always keeps a smile on her face! Click "more" to read her Exit Interview...and find out a big secret about her friendship with Tiana!  

Talk about some of the difficulties in the final challenge, and why you wound up falling behind in the last and final moment!

The crossover puzzle was so hard! It look simple, but it wasn't. With all the pressure, knowing if you don't get this 1st or 2nd you lose 100k at that moment, Ray J who would not shut up with commentary, and the blocks being heavy, it was extremely hard!
You made it so far!  Does it feel like it was all for nothing, or did you learn a lot from the  competition?

It wasn't all for nothing.  It was a great experience and I made a couple really good friends (Shelly, Steph, Rocky). What others didn't know is that I had an alliance with Tiana since day 1. A couple of times others wanted to put her up, and I convinced them not to. I even convinced her to stay when she wanted to quit. I was happy that she won if it wasn't me!
How are you and your family doing?
We're good. My dad still lives with me, so of course there's some drama. My little sisters love with their mom.  The oldest comes over at least three times a week. We go to the gym, tan, eat, watch All Star Battle together! 

Would you have done anything differently this season, if you could go back?
I would have tried harder in the Battle Bowl. But that's about it. I gave it my All every challenge. 

How do you feel about the ultimate outcome of this competition?

I'm happy for Tiana. She deserves it. Plus, I know I can get 100k regardless. If it was a million, I would be very upset! I really just wanted to win title Baddest Bad Girl! 
What’s next for you?
I do what I always do. Hustle and get money! Currently single, just focusing on myself and my career. I have a few upcoming projects that I have to keep secret as of now. I'm a very ambitious person, and always strive to do bigger and better. I'm working on multiple things. If on a scale of 1-10 of what I want accomplished in life, I would say I'm at about 2-3 as we speak! 

Watch Sarah's Exit Interview!

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