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Life Coach Laura: I Wasn't Trying to "Out" Blu

At every angle, I’m going to give these girls an opportunity to grow. It’s a crappy role to have sometimes, constantly pushing. But they’re worth it. If that means starting their story and giving them the chance to finish…that's what I’ll do. To be clear, I would never expose anything those girls said to me behind closed doors without their permission. So, this family day was a freaking minefield. It was fun and cool, but having parents there asking specific questions about what their kids are working on and protecting the girls' information was a delicate balance. My goal was to give everyone the opportunity to open up, but also keep them in charge of what they wanted to say.

That said, I will always push. Even just a little. Always. It’s my job.

Blu - When I said Blu was ‘deepening’ in the house, I was referring to the fact she was investing in others and taking a leadership role. i.e.. encouraging Redd to come back and resolve the situation with me in the coaching room. But Blu’s mannerisms made it clear she wasn’t feeling comfortable talking about anything that was happening in the house. I tried to empower her with an out when I asked if she was comfortable talking. That’s all that went down. Blu and I are cool.

Redd - AMAZING breakthrough with her dad and yet Redd just shows how hard it is to truly change. I was proud we healed her relationship, but that anger thing is going to be a longer road…

Jada, Slim, and Loren were all like young women with their families around.  No ‘bad girl’ to be found in any of them.  It was cool to see all of their families so supportive.  I love that day for them! Side note — Loren’s family and I stayed in correspondence even after the show. They were that committed to ensuring they could do anything possible to support her!

Britt - What you didn’t see is when I was talking to her and her mom, Britt gave me a small side hug and even complimented my outfit. I know that sounds small, but Britt opening up to me in any way, especially in front of a witness, was huge.

Aysia - Aysia’s entire growth can be defined by a second with her dad. Did you see how she looked down and took a breath before she started speaking?  That moment to move on and put it all on the table was huge!!!  I loved it!! That girl got up some MAJOR courage to talk about what she did! Aysia was brave, confident, and finally stood up for herself by simply sharing her truth. SO. DAMN. PROUD.

All in all family day was like the girls…inspiring, challenging and worth every minute!

Watch a Sneak Peek for the next episode of BGC 12!

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