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1. All the 'Best Ink' Season 3 artists!

Joe's Top 5 Highlights from 'Best Ink 3'

Watch Pete Announce the Winner of 'Best Ink 3'!

1. Sabina Kelley and Laird Hamilton.

Sabina's Top 5 Highlights from 'Best Ink 3'

Darnell's Deadly Sins Flash Challenge from Episode 1.

Darnell's Exit Interview: "Karly Deserved It"

Brother and sister!

Hannah's Top 5 Highlights from 'Best Ink 3'

Judge's Corner: Joe's Final Blog of Season 3!

Deadly Sins Flash Challenge.

Alayna's Exit Interview: I Was Rooting for Darnell & Karly

Winner's Chat with Karly: "I Didn't Think I had a Shot in Hell!"

The Final Ink Challenge

Darnell's Flash Challenge

The Street Shop Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

Judge's Corner: It Felt Awful to Send Willy Home

Willy's Deadly Sins Flash Challenge.

Willy's Exit Interview: Being Eliminated Sucks

Alayna's Flash Challenge.

The Demolition Derby Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

Darnell's Ink Challenge.

The 3D Photorealism Ink Challenge! (PHOTOS)

Judge's Corner: Joe Blogs about Shock, Awe, and Lara's Fatal Unpopularity

Alayna's Ink Challenge.

The Shock Art Ink Challenge (PHOTOS)

Darnell's Shock Flash Challenge.

The Shock Art Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

Lara's Deadly Sins Flash Challenge.

Lara's Exit Interview: "I Live to Piss You Off"

Alayna's Ink Challenge (top 2)

The Pin-Up Couples Ink Challenge (PHOTOS)

The contestants and their significant others (and Darnell's blind date) gather for a photo shoot.

The Couples Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

Joe's Deadly Sins Flash Challenge.

Joe's Exit Interview: I'm Not Cocky...I'm Amped

Judge's Corner: Sabina Blogs about True Pin-Up Tattoos and Joe's Demise

Sabina Kelley

Sabina Kelley Hits the Beach for Best Ink

Judge's Corner: Hannah Blogs about Surfboards, Lara's Mandala Fetish, and Romeo

Deadly Sins Flash Challenge

Romeo's Exit Interview: "Lara Should Have Gone Home Instead of Me"

Darnell's Ink Challenge

The Ocean-Inspired Ink Challenge (PHOTOS)

Contestants had to paint surfboards in the Ocean Flash Challenge.

The Surfboard Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

Judge's Corner: Joe Blogs about Women in the Industry, Biomechanical Tattoos, and Danny's Goodbye

Meet Danny! And check out his Deadly Sins Flash Challenge.

Danny's Exit Interview: No More Tattoo Competitions!

Darnell won his face-off against Willy.

The Biomechanical Ink Challenge (PHOTOS)

Alayna's Flash Challenge

The Biomechanical Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

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Pete Wentz Is Thinking About Getting Married Again

Judge's Corner: Sabina Blogs About Sci-Fi Stuff, Darnell's Weepy Moment, and May May's Demise

May May's Deady Sins Flash Challenge.

May May's Exit Interview: "I Couldn't Handle the Pressure"

Alayna's Ink Challenge tattoo.

The Sci-Fi Ink Challenge (PHOTOS)

It's the Sci-Fi Flash Challenge!

The Sci-Fi Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

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Watch Pete Wentz Find Out He Won a People's Choice Award

The Deadly Sins Flash Challenge

Exit Interview with Anthony: I Wish I Hadn't Been So "Laid Back"

Darnell's Ink Challenge.

The Japanese Ink Challenge (PHOTOS)

Alayna's Flash Challenge

The Anime Flash Challenge (PHOTOS)

Judge's Corner: Hannah Blogs About Danny's Tantrum, Alayna's Comeback, and Anthony's Farewell

Joe's Top 5 Highlights from 'Best Ink 3'

1. All the 'Best Ink' Season 3 artists!

We asked Head Judge Joe Capobianco to share some of his favorite moments from Season 3 of Best Ink. From meeting the artists to Darnell "wreck[ing] some sh*t" in the Demolition Derby Flash Challenge, our favorite hot-tempered tattoo critic had a grand old time this season. Flip through Joe's top 5 moments, and read his highlights below!



Here are my highlights from Season 3!


1. One of the things I look forward to every season is meeting the artists. I truly enjoy getting to know them and discovering who these people are. That in itself is a highlight for me doing Best Ink


2. I don't consider myself a great teacher nor mentor. That's why I've never chosen to take on an apprentice. But I've been fortunate enough to have met many artists looking for some sort of advice or pep talk (believe it or not)!


My talk with Danny was like that. I felt like the kid was feeling overwhelmed and lost. In my experience, a quick kick in the ass solves more than coddling or praising do. I'd like to think he took more away from that conversation than just a kid being hollered at by an elder. 


3. One of my favorite Ink Challenges was watching Joe and Willy working side by side. Many artists in our field take advantage of working with others. This helps push each artist, and take them down artistic paths they may otherwise have known little about. 


4. One of the things I most enjoy about being a judge on the show is working with Hannah and Sabina. I so look up to and dig Hannah as an artist and a tattooer. It’s a true pleasure to work on the show with her. Meeting some of our guest judges was another highlight. Matthew Bone is an incredibly talented artist and good friend, so being able to work with him was a blast. Also after three seasons of Best Ink, this was the first time I got to meet Justin Bua. I gotta say I like and admire the man personally and professionally. 


5. Finally, one of my all-time favorite moments in the show was watching Darnell climb in and get behind the wheel during the Demolition Derby Challenge. That was one kid who just could not wait to wreck some shit!

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