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Casey Anthony's Father Is Outraged By Her New Insinuations About Caylee's Murder

George Anthony says his "heart hurts even more now."

A recent interview from Casey Anthony with the Associated Press has opened up old wounds. Anthony was acquitted of her daughter Caylee’s murder five years ago and has lived quietly ever since. And according to People, she hasn’t spoken with her parents in over a year. The interview has inspired many people to speak on the case once again, like Nancy Grace, the criminal investigator who was obsessed with Anthony’s trial and convinced she murdered her daughter.

In Anthony’s interview, she makes references to her father, George Anthony, who was accused of molesting her since childhood by the defense team. George didn’t support the defense team’s statement that Caylee accidentally drowned. She also mentioned police officers, saying “cops believe other cops.” George is a former officer, so it seemed like a pointed comment about how she was treated by the police in her case. Finally, she seemed to insinuate that the last time she saw Caylee, her daughter was alive, which would cast aspersions on her father, who many believe helped hide Caylee’s body.

In a statement to People, Anthony’s parents address her comments: “After years of silence, Casey Anthony has decided to complete an interview and has once again pointed to George Anthony, her father, as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter, Caylee. George, who has continued to try and move forward from this tragedy and who was vindicated on multiple occasions, is once again forced to relive the hints, rumors, lies, and allegations that are being made by Casey Anthony. He has specifically stated that ‘his heart hurts even more now.’ ”

People also says that the family is hoping one day to have a reconciliation with Anthony, but that’s a challenging proposition when their arguments are taking place in the media.

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