Nancy Grace Is Raging Over Casey Anthony Saying She "Sleeps Pretty Good At Night"

"I never met one parent who lost their child who says, ‘I sleep pretty good at night, how bout y’all?’"

Casey Anthony is the notorious woman who was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee. Anthony was acquitted of the crime five years ago, but she is still intensely interesting to the general public, in part because of the media circus surrounding her case. While news outlets everywhere covered Anthony’s case move by move, none were so passionate about seeing Anthony jailed as Nancy Grace, who dedicated many segments of her show to describing Anthony as a remorseless party girl.

This week, the Associated Press released one of the first interviews with Anthony since her acquittal and in it she says that she realizes much of the world thinks she either killed her daughter purposefully or by accident. She also says she doesn’t care what people think and she “sleeps pretty good at night.” This is like waving a red flag in front of Grace, who seems to hate Anthony with a very personal fervor.

In an interview with TMZ, Grace rages at various quotes from the AP article, saying, “I’m kinda overwhelmed about it.”

“Really? I been prosecuting kidnapping murders sex abuse of little children since 1987,” said Grace, “And I never met one parent who lost their child who says, ‘I sleep pretty good at night, how bout y’all?’ No, you don’t ‘sleep pretty good at night’ quote when your child was murdered and dragged ten blocks from your house for animals to eat."

She also commented on Anthony’s vague assertions that she doesn’t know how Caylee died, though her defense team argued Anthony’s daughter drowned in the pool and was then buried by her grandfather.

“How can you forget you told the jury how the child died and if that wasn’t the truth?” Grace demands, “Why’d you tell the jury that? It makes me feel angry and it makes me feel sad for Caylee.”

During her interview, Anthony was asked who Caylee would be now at 12-years-old, and Anthony remarked that she thinks her daughter would have been “a badass” which also offends Grace. After listing all the things she’d want to see kids become, from grad student to pianist, she says angrily, “‘A badass.’ You know, I would slap somebody’s mouth if someone said that about my daughter that she’d grow up to be a badass. You know, that’s why Caylee never had a chance.”

If there’s anyone who is going to take everything Anthony says in the worst possible light, it’s Nancy Grace and that just about covers it.

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