Chasing Maria Menounos Blog

Maria in 15 Seconds!

What Happened to Costas? Dr. Peters Blogs!

Stan Lee Blogs about His Appearance on 'Chasing Maria Menounos' Tonight!

Dr. Werthman: Fertility Isn't a “Chick Thing”

A Few Words from Keven's Mom Kathie

Maria's Friend Rachel: "Never Underestimate Maria"

Susie Says: Come On Guys, Have Babies!

Seeing the place brings up difficult memories.

Maria Revisits Her Painful Past

At home with the family!

Episode 4 Highlights: Back to Beantown! (PHOTOS)

What Is Maria Like Off Camera? Her BFF Tells All!

The Inside Story from Joe the Security Guard/Friend

Costas is subtle.

Episode 3 Highlights: Keven the Greek! (PHOTOS)

Keven's got the moves.

Episode 2 Highlights: Conan, Mangrias and....Spermacologists? (PHOTOS)

The Hard Truth About Fertility and Aging

6 Reasons to Keep Watching 'Chasing Maria Menounos'!

It's Maria's birthday!

Premiere Highlights: Meet Maria and her Crazy Life! (PHOTOS)

Keven: No More Mr. Shy Guy!

Maria: Being an Immigrant's Kid Is Amazing...and Complicated

Q&A with Maria Menounos: "I Love Doing Things that Scare Me"

Maria loves adopting rescue dogs.

Maria Hearts Dogs....A LOT (PHOTOS)

Maria with Nene Leakes! [Getty Images]

12 Days in the Life of Maria Menounos (PHOTOS)

Rabbit ears for Michael Strahan! [Getty Images]

Maria Photobombs Michael Strahan at the Oscars! (PHOTOS)

Maria looks pretty in pink!

Maria Rocks the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes! (PHOTOS)

About 'Chasing Maria Menounos'

Meet Maria Menounos

Meet Maria's Boyfriend: Keven Undergaro

Meet Maria's Dad: Costas Menounos

Meet Maria's Mom: Litsa Menounos

Maria in 15 Seconds!

Can't get enough Maria...but don't have a lot of time? Maria knows exactly what it's like to rush around, so here she is in 15-second snippets! Catch Maria hanging out with her dogs, getting some ice cream, heading to a baseball game (maybe) and dancing -- all in under a minute! 

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