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Criminal Confessions


S1/EP12 | Aired:
December 17, 2017
When a string of elderly people are brutally murdered in their homes along the Mississippi River, a Task Force is formed to hunt down a serial killer before they can strike again. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Seneca Falls

S1/EP11 | Aired:
December 10, 2017
An accidental death in upstate New York becomes a possible murder scene and a wife and mother provides a crucial piece of evidence. Investigators confront the darkest side of humanity to discover an unspeakable truth. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions


S1/EP10 | Aired:
December 3, 2017
When a mother of two goes missing, the police suspect she’s relapsed into drugs. However her family and friends say she’d never desert her two young children and suspect foul play. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions

Boone County

S1/EP9 | Aired:
November 26, 2017
A family man calls 911 to say he’d accidentally shot himself. Yet the crime scene tells a different story. With little hard evidence to go on and a love triangle unfolding, police work fast to get to the bottom of a mysterious shooting. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions


S1/EP8 | Aired:
November 19, 2017
When a wife comes home to discover her ex-husband shot to death in the home they still share, detectives embark on a two year long journey to find out exactly who pulled the trigger, as a family falls apart. (43:54)
Criminal Confessions


S1/EP7 | Aired:
November 20, 2017
A college freshman goes missing without a trace, concerned friends and family talk to police about his last whereabouts. Those conversations however, raise more questions than answers when they point to a potentially deadly love triangle. (43:54)

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