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Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

A Texas Twist

S1/EP4 | Aired:
August 10, 2017
Named for the body of Christ, Corpus Christi sits on the Texas gulf coast. This part of the Lone Star State is largely sheltered from hurricanes. But as it turned out, not from one -unnatural- disaster. (43:54)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered


S1/EP3 | Aired:
August 4, 2017
Melissa Lewis disappeared leaving signs of a struggle and a strange orange mist behind her. Later, her boss went missing and left behind an even bigger mess, including a missing fortune. Two crimes leaving one lingering mystery. (43:54)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered


S1/EP2 | Aired:
July 28, 2017
The case made national headlines: A toddler left in the car for seven hours while his dad was at work. Was this a heartbreaking accident? Police said it was murder. Could any parent ever do this on purpose? (43:54)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

The House on The Lake

S1/EP1 | Aired:
July 21, 2017
Stranger than fiction, a mom suddenly vanished. A dad under suspicion. There was no body, no weapon, no eyewitness and surprises along the way. Now, after all the twists and turns of four murder trials, the final verdict is in (43:54)

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