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It Takes A Killer

The Green Widow

S1/EP69 | Aired:
September 25, 2017
The murder of a man inside his suburban Los Angeles home sets off a chain reaction of murder, conspiracy, and furious cover ups, which ultimately point back to a mastermind who's in it for the money. (21:48)
It Takes A Killer

The Burial He Wanted

S1/EP68 | Aired:
September 18, 2017
The disappearance of a wealthy retiree in South Florida quickly turns from a missing person's case to a full blown homicide investigation focused around an unexpected perpetrator and her convoluted plan to get away with murder. (21:48)
It Takes A Killer

Menace To Society

S1/EP67 | Aired:
September 11, 2017
A serial predator targets men at gay bars, leaving dead bodies along the southeastern United States. Cops struggle to play catch up, until the perpetrator leaves behind a key piece of evidence at a crime scene and his true identity is revealed. (21:48)
It Takes A Killer

Body Parts In My Pocket

S1/EP66 | Aired:
September 4, 2017
A serial killer crisscrosses California, leaving a trail of dead bodies in random locations. Law enforcement is nowhere near catching the dangerous sociopath, until he shows up at a Sheriff's Department with a victim's body part in his jacket. (21:48)
It Takes A Killer

Dreaming Of Murder

S1/EP65 | Aired:
August 28, 2017
A woman's clairvoyant dream leads cops to the body of a dead woman hidden in the bushes on a pristine beach. As investigators peel back the layers, they soon find out the victim had been marked for death by someone she used to love and trust. (21:48)
It Takes A Killer

Doctor Death

S1/EP40 | Aired:
March 3, 2017
For more than a decade, a genius doctor with a homicidal hobby gets away with murder at hospitals across two continents. Cops race against incredible odds to track him down just before he takes his next job and kills...again. Episode 140 (21:48)

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