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Episode 1: A New Beginning

Not being chosen to live in the model house wasn't as big a bummer for me as it was some for the other models that weren’t chosen. I think models with less experience and a more crazy and unparalleled lifestyle are definitely better off living in the house. They need Janice 24-7 so they can get the training from her.

(continued) There is always more to learn, but if I had to give up a bed to someone who was a lot less experienced then it’s not a big deal to me. I know it’s competition in the business, but I’m working all the time anyway so I wouldn't be around the house as much as the new models.

(continued) Plus, it's time for them to learn the hard way that drinking, staying up late, and living in a co-ed environment requires self-control. I have that self-control already. Plus, I'm not keen on living with a group of people. I need my own space, and I need to be in a clean environment.



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