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I think I changed the most out of all the models

The green fashion show was so much fun!!

All the JDMA models who lived in the house were in the fashion show, and I really enjoyed the moment!! I thought I was doing well in the fashion show as I wasn't nervous anymore and was confident to walk in front of many people. But I don't think Janice was in a good mood during the show... and I didn't know that she wasn't happy about the show until I got back to the Model House...

Regarding the surveillance cameras... TO BE HONEST… I did not know that Janice was watching us 24 hours on the surveillance cameras... We all freaked out... I was just trying to remember all the things I had done since I moved into the house... All my past conduct were just racing around in my head... I was hoping that I hadn't done anything embarrassing! lol

I was really really shocked when Janice told us that she was going to close the agency in LA and start a new one in NY... I could not say anything because I was so shocked... I had finally gotten this huge opportunity to work with Janice... and the door to the next step in my career had finally opened ... And so her announcement was not what I had expected... I almost cried, but I tried to pretend I was not hurt. I was so sad for a while. Everyone was sad...

But I don't think being sad is worth it...so I changed my mind set and focused on what I should be doing right now. I need to watch my eating habits, tone up my body to obtain a great figure, get more modeling experience, and become a much better model!!! That's what I should do. I can do a lot of things to improve myself. I will keep trying to realize my big dream!!!

Through this season... I think I changed the most out of all the models in the agency. I believe I was the least qualified model in the house when I first moved in. But I experienced such great things with Janice and all the other models that I was able to change myself both from the inside and outside. Now, I feel like I am really a part of the JDMA family!!! I am no longer intimidated to stand next to the models in the agency. I am also not scared to talk to anyone anymore. I think I broke my shell and became more friendly!



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