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I was able to break through my shyness

The biggest problem I had about myself was lack of confidence. When I was younger, I was insecure and very negative. But when I started modeling a year ago, I realized that the most important thing in becoming a model was having self-confidence. I worked on building up my confidence this whole year, and tried to think positively about everything. BUT… the confidence I worked so hard on all this year totally fell apart when I started living with these good-looking models. Everyone in the house had confidence, so... for me... everyone seemed very very attractive.

I had really long black hair so I could hide my face and also myself (I know I used to resemble a ghost from a Japanese horror movie! LOL). I also had the typical mindset that models should have long hair! But Janice, Duke, and Gabe knew what would be the best hairstyle for me as a model. When they told me to cut my hair, to be honest, I was little bit nervous. But I saw Crystal and how she transformed from when she first joined the agency to what she has become now. So, I knew I could trust Janice and I was right. Janice totally changed me. I think it sounds too simple, but seriously, my mindset and self-confidence totally changed with this haircut. I was able to break through my shyness, open up to everyone, and start feeling confident about myself.

Confession! While Duke cut my hair and everyone was watching, I was thinking about one thing... I expected it to be a great look ... but... I was still worried about how I would react if I didn't like my new hairstyle. LOL. I never had my hair cut from an American hair stylist because I did not think Americans could cut Japanese hair. That's why I only went to Japanese hair salons to get my hair cut... This experience was definitely a first for me!

But when I saw myself in the mirror, the reaction I had was truly genuine and natural. I really really really loved my new look!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you very much!! Love you Duke!!!

Now, I go to American hair salons to maintain this lovely short hairstyle.



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