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I am healthy and happy and I wouldn't change that for anyone.

I think it's really sad that Janice isn't accepting of plus-size models and moreover, plus-size people. Luckily I have a thick enough skin and high enough self-worth that she hasn't gotten me down at all. It just surprises me that Janice, someone who has lived through abuse and hardship, wouldn't have compassion for people who have differences and aren't perfect.

It is widely known that Janice suffers from low self-esteem and that's why she is self-proclaimed "addicted to plastic surgery." So, please, don't for a second feel sorry for me. If there is someone to pity, it would be her. It's too bad she can't be grateful for what God gave her...

I am so happy to be able-bodied and I'm thankful for my body -- I don't believe in beating it up with surgeries or dieting or crazy drugs. I think it's best to be loving to yourself and if you want to change something do it in a positive way.

It's actually really funny. I exercise more than most models I know...I play beach volleyball 6 days a week and (not but) I love to eat. So I've found a combination that works really well for my body. I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full and I found a sport that I love. That is my recommendation to everyone. Do something you love.

My experience as a plus-size model has been nothing but positive. I feel very fortunate to have garnered a successful career as a model being exactly who I am. I am a healthy and happy person and I wouldn't change that for anyone.



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