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Merlin Castell is a "divo"

Things were pretty hectic the day of the Merlin Castell fashion show, all the girls were crammed into a small hallway in the back of the night club, along with the makeup artists, stylists and dressers. We did a couple of practice walks on the runway, but Merlin didn't appear to be happy with any of us.

Even though he's no taller than 5'6", depending on whether or not he's wearing his heels, the “divo” is actually pretty intimidating. He wanted a very specific walk and pose done on the runway, but the tricky part was doing this while wearing his elaborate clothes and a huge headdress.

After chewing us out...he chewed out the hair stylists for all the damn hair spray that they put in our hair. In the meantime girls were getting fitted last minute while others chicks were fighting for the free shoes we received from participating in the show. Of course I was getting fitted last, so I got the worst choice of shoes, but I was just excited to be walking down the runway! I love the energy and adrenaline and in the end the show was hot!



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