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Xian & I made out in the confessional...

I have to say this…One of the most challenging things about living in the model house was lack of sleep. It was also really a pain in the a$$ that some people were treating this experience like Spring Break. Everyday we had casting and God knows what else, and people were up drinking at all hours. That sh*t is seriously annoying. I mean I get it, I went to college, but no one was taking photographs of me shirtless in college (at least that I know of). I like to look and feel my best when I have business to attend to.

Out of all the models I’ve been shot with, I would have to say CC was the most fun to shoot with. She is gorgeous, of course, but most of all she is professional. She doesn't have a bad attitude or think she's better than anyone. Being down to earth is an essential trait in creating positive professional relationships. Some people say CC is stuck up, but I haven't seen it. She was great! Also Dominique has a great ability to "get into character" so to speak. The pictures we shot for Kentucky Denim really had a lot of chemistry!

I know this is going to sound disappointing but after Xian and I made out in the confessional, I put on some man clothes. That’s all that happened. The underwire of the bra was cutting into my chest, lol.



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