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Killer Couples

Rose Vincent and Mark Bowling

S9/EP9 | Aired:
March 17, 2018
In a desperate attempt to begin a new life together, two lovers vow to take out the one person who stands between them, true love, and a million-dollar life insurance payout. (43:52)
Killer Couples

Marie Marone and John Vasquez

S9/EP5 | Aired:
February 17, 2018
A couple’s desperation for money & violent sex fantasy lead to a woman’s murder. (43:52)
Killer Couples

Linda Bury and Joshua Mebane

S9/EP3 | Aired:
January 27, 2018
A plan by teenaged lovers to run away and be together goes horribly wrong. (43:52)
Killer Couples

Amber Dufoe and Richard Oakes

S9/EP2 | Aired:
January 20, 2018
A couple inflicts their own brand of vigilante justice on an enemy from the past. (43:52)

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