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Season 7 | 701 Angela Hill/Logan McFarland


A drug-crazed couple set off on a multi-state crime spree. Is this duo the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde or is one of them just another victim in a twisted crime?

Season 7 | 702 Leslie/Mike Mackool


A well-mannered southern belle turns into a manipulative bombshell once she marries an older man. When a family member ends up dead, detectives wonder if the money-hungry couple are connected to the crime or if they’ve been set up

Season 7 | 703 Ruby Padgett/Mitchell Sims
FIRST AIRED: Apr 17 9/8c

Two young lovers execute a murderous revenge plot with multiple victims, but a few moments of negligence could turn their entire plan upside down.

Season 6 | Pamela Smart & William “Billy” Flynn
FIRST AIRED: Dec 13 10/9c

A sexy teacher and  her teenaged lover hatch a plot that rocks a nation.

Season 6 | Nicole Houchin & John Mackay
FIRST AIRED: Dec 6 9/8c

Two married couples’ infidelity leads to one deadly home invasion, and a shocking investigation that unveils a pair of unlikely suspects. 

Season 6 | Cassandra Kimbrough & Antonio Drayton
FIRST AIRED: Nov 29 9/8c

A red hot romance comes to a fiery end when jealousy threatens to rip two lovers apart. Is it a crime of passion or a cold blooded conspiracy?

Season 6 | Antoinette Stephen & Kashif Parvaiz
FIRST AIRED: Nov 22 9/8c

When a family is attacked on the side of the road in an apparent hate crime; investigators uncover a crime of passion, lust, and revenge. 

Season 8 | Christine and Jeremy Moody
FIRST AIRED: Aug 6 9/8c

A white supremacist couple’s vigilantism ends in a double murder. Episode 801

Season 8 | Catherine Stanek-Cousins And Timothy Koile
FIRST AIRED: Aug 13 9/8c

A suburban sex scandal uncovers a deadly secret which leads to a missing pilot. Episode 802

Season 8 | Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear
FIRST AIRED: Sep 24 9/8c

In a deadly race against the clock authorities must piece together a string of murders led by a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Episode 808

Season 23 | Sonia Mitchell
FIRST AIRED: Jan 28 6/5c | TV-PG

When a young father goes missing, authorities suspect his illegal activities, but a revelation about the mother of his children turns the investigation upside down.

Season 23 | Kimberly Ross
FIRST AIRED: Feb 11 6/5c | TV-PG

A generous couple opens their home to help others, but a deadly home invasion raises questions about lies and conspiracy under their roof.

Season 23 | Snapped
FIRST AIRED: Feb 18 12/11c
Season 19 | Michelle Byrom
FIRST AIRED: Jan 8 6/5c

A shooting has investigators asking was it the work of a rebellious son, an abused wife or something far more sinister? Episode 1907

Season 23 | Snapped
FIRST AIRED: Feb 18 12/11c
Season 9 | Marie Marone and John Vasquez
FIRST AIRED: Feb 17 6/5c

A couple’s desperation for money & violent sex fantasy lead to a woman’s murder.

Season 9 | Amber Dufoe and Richard Oakes
FIRST AIRED: Jan 20 6/5c | TV-PG

A couple inflicts their own brand of vigilante justiceon an enemy from the past.

Season 8 | Debra Canady and Brent Starr
FIRST AIRED: Aug 20 9/8c

A cougar and her new boyfriend devise a vicious plot to get rid of an old boyfriend. Episode 803