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the control freakHer sweet innocent demeanor is a cover for her bad behavior. A true Jekyll and Hyde character from Valencia, CA, Annie works as a phone sex operator at night while pursuing her MBA in marketing in the day. She's a control freak with a life goal of bodily perfection. View her photos get the downloadWe asked this bad girl to dish on her dirty secrets.Read her Q&A.glamour girlSee Annie's hot pics from the promo shoot.View bad anywhereText BAD to 699436.Go mobile.join the clubChat with fellow fans to dish on who you loveand who you love to hate!Leave a messagemega makeoverTry out the hottest celeb hair and makeup trends.Play break!Play Solitaire, Bad Girls Club style.Deal the cards!bad girl bestieWho's your BGC BFF? Take the quiz!devilish glamShow you're a bad girlwith a heart of gold.Buy now.

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