Charlie INK


Christina "Charlie" PettySelf-described farm girl Charlie was raised on a cattle farm. The oldest of four siblings, Charlie studied psychology and sociology in college, but thanks to a minor in art and her fascination with the body as a sum of its parts, she began a love affair with tattoos. Despite her rugged upbringing, Charlie specializes in soft, feminine tattooing with fine lines and silhouettes. Being bullied for much of her life and being married to a Marine has given Charlie the necessary strength to take on her competition.I'm a tattoo artist because I can't imagine doing anything else. My love of art and people come together in my job. What more could one person ask for?It's gonna be a bumpy ride ladies and gentlemen! Emotional rollercoaster. Must be this 18 to ride! I hope America sees my love of both art and people in all my pieces and interactions. I love what I do and I want tattoo you... and your Grandma!What makes a tattoo "great?" The story behind it. That is a great tattoo.

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