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Christina Scali With a slim new figure, a fresh hair color, and a mind for business, this fiery redhead changed her image to suit her newfound feisty personality. Christina Scali has finally found her place at Diane and Co., diving into new responsibilities and taking on multiple jobs at once. With romance finally in her life, can she manage to juggle work, family, and love?January 26, 2012So much has happened and changed in my life since last season, from a full body transformation, to possibly finding love, and finally writing my cookbook. Ending last season with such negative energy was very hard on me, with not being satisfied with the decisions I have made thus far. I was determined to lighten my spirits and make some changes which included getting my body in shape for health reasons, taking on new responsibilities in Diane & Co., and finally finding my place in our family business. What's your Spring fashion prediction? Everyone knows I'm a feather whore, but for spring I am saying feathers are gone and fringe is so in. Fringe or tassels everywhere from on your shirts to your dresses to your shoes. Movement is key for Spring trends. @ChristinScali

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