Danielle BGC8


DanielleThe Black Sheep from Methuen, MAAt barely 5 feet tall, people underestimate Danielle until they are faced with her sharp tongue. She grew up with a tight knit family and a bossy twin sister, fellow "Bad Girl" Gabi. With few girlfriends, her twin will surely be the one she confides in at the Bad Girl house. She owns 150 pairs of heels and never wears sneakers unless she's "pretending" to go to the gym. January 5, 2012It's easy to say why I'm a bad girl within moments of meeting me. I am independent, I am confident, I am always in charge, I dress damn well (name brand or no name brand), I'm a flirt with a million dollar smile, and I am a BOLD b*tch who never bites her tongue. If you're doing something I don't like, the first person I'm going to tell is YOU. And for some reason drama never seems to be too far behind. My life is a movie starring me and my twin Gabi, all these other b*tches are background. I am far from PERFECT. The best part of that is that I acknowledge my faults. I will have no regrets living in the Bad Girls Club house because I learn from everything I do. The harder I fall the stronger I am, so I hope these b*tches push me. What's your New Year's resolution? Money makes the world go round so Ill be getting my hustle on. @xxOdanielle

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