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Jessica RotweinFrom the time she was a child, Jessica was encouraged by her mother to express her artistic talent. Before committing to tattooing and a brief stint as a makeup artist, Jessica studied piano at Juilliard and performed as a classical pianist for 29 years! Jessica values loyalty, almost to a fault, and understands the importance of clients to her brandso much so that she is known to fight other artists to keep her clients close. This tenacity ought to serve her well in "Best Ink."I'm a tattoo artist because I fell in love with every aspect of the art form from the ancient history to the modern day work thats out there. This wasnt an immediate thing for me though. I got my first tattoo a lot later than most at 26-years-old. I didn't really know anything about the art then, just got something small and of some kanji flash and that's since been covered up. I met my ex who was a tattoo artist and at the time I was doing make-up. He saw my artwork and asked me what I was doing with my life. I told him I'm not doing anything really with my art, and that was when he made the decision to teach me how to tattoo. I went through a grueling three year apprenticeship and it was during that time that I learned more about the art and what was out there both past and present. I was so intrigued. At that point I made my decision to pursue tattooing as a career and made the solid commitment to better my art and become the best I could possibly be. I haven't looked back since :)What makes a tattoo "great?" It just needs to be done to the specifications given by your client and stand the test of time. Thats what truly makes a tattoo great and a great artist does this every time. @JESSICABESTINK

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