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Brittan "London" ReeseLondon started his tattoo career in 2006 working in and around shops in Orange County, where he grew up. He launched a private tattoo studio with a fellow tattoo artist in 2009, and he has been a player in the tattoo world ever since. After his gift for tattooing caught the attention of a well-known tattoo shop owner, London was able to take his talents to a wider audience. A self-taught musician who plays guitar, piano, and drums, London has had art flowing through his veins since he began illustrating at three years old. He is sure to bring this confident attitude to the competition.I'm a tattoo artist because I love tattoos, tattoo culture, and the amazing benefits of creating art and getting to permanently change lives. I'm passionate about my craft in every way. I'm sure that passion will come through my tattoo work and trials while dealing with other artists and clients.What makes a tattoo "great?" Clean lines, a good amount of contrast, and originality. @best_ink

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