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Tiffany PerezA guys girl and natural flirt who enjoys the company of men over women, Tiffany loves being the only female tattoo artist in her shop. She specializes in black-and-gray and modern fine-line tattooing. Tiffany began expressing herself through tattooing after her father gave her a tattoo machine for her 20th birthday. Tiffanys designs have been featured in Urban Ink magazine and have captured the attention of tattoo lovers of all types, including some well-known celebrities.Expect me to show the world what this petite college grad from Jersey has in stored. Im proving that with two years of tattooing, I can handle and hold down this competitionjust as good (if not better) than your more experienced tattoo artists here. This isnt about looks. This isnt about how many tattoos I have. This about winning BEST INK and showing you that skill and talent is what it takes to get to the top and Im not letting NO ONE bring me down. My passion, my life, and my family are my motivation and Im going to win that $100,000 as a reward for all the hard work and struggles Ive been through in my life. So be prepared to see how determined and driven I am to win and to prove that even an artist with the least experience can still win the BEST INK.What makes a tattoo "great?" If a stranger on the street will stop you just to stare at your tattoo because they cant believe what they are seeing, then I think you have succeeded in the accomplishment of a great tattoo.

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