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Deitrick & Dominique Talk Babies, Mothers and Blow Out With Jay


Deitrick and Dominique Haddon open up about some of the drama seen in the season 2 premiere of Preachers of L.A., including the blow up with Jay Haizlip, the drama at the Sip n See, how their mothers came together, and how it feels to be parents to a second gorgeous baby girl. Read all below. 
Congratulations on Baby Denver! How did you feel about her TV debut? 
Dominique - Even though it was a little stressful, we were blessed to be able to show all of our supporters our second addition to the family and let them share our experience and welcome her to the show. I don't know how she will feel about it when she's old enough to see! 
Deitrick - I think Denver did well. She's a looker and she’s not afraid of the camera. And, that's how the Haddon's flow! We ain't afraid of no! I'm getting Destin and Denver ready for their own TV show on Nickelodeon, Disney or any other network that focuses on children's entertainment.
How did it feel to watch your family all back on TV together on Episode 1?  
Dominique - It was good to see everyone together again. And, it was amazing they captured both of our mother's coming together and doing away with the past. 
Deitrick - It's an amazing thing to see my family, and even have a family. There was a time that I never thought I would have a family like this and now I have two beautiful daughters. I'm just blown away. When I look at the episode, it brings me to tears. My family is THE most important part of my life.
Pastor Jay’s issue with the marriage: Was it fair of him to bring it up?  
Dominique - No, I don't think it was fair when he had the opportunity to ask us months before, but he never asked us. He waited until the Preach LA meeting. We're fine now and we are mending the relationship. I don't think he had bad intensions at all. It was a “guy thing," but he made it about himself.
Deitrick - It was completely unfair because the issue was over. If it was that important to Jay he could've asked me right then on the spot, in that moment. I was only thinking about getting married and not dropping details to Jay. That was the absolute last thing on my mind. The crazy thing is that Jay knew that. What can I say... At the end if the day, I still consider Jay to be a friend and I will continue to support him and Christy no matter what. 
Well, the in-laws seemed to get along pretty well! Did that defy your expectations? Were you worried? Can we get a little background on their beef?
Dominique - I wasn't surprised that they resolved things. I knew it would eventually happen, but the show expedited the process. Their issue began when Deitrick's mother was being overprotective of her adult son and said and did hurtful things to me that were also offensive to my mother. Even though she did not agree with the way things started, my mother welcomed Deitrick. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the same treatment. But, as they say, time heals all wounds and we are moving forward. 
Deitrick - I wasn't surprised at all because my mother and Faye are very mature women who have experienced a lot in their lifetimes. Faye just wished my mother would've handle Dominique better, but that's in the past. Life goes on and we are all one big loving family!
There was a lot of drama at the Sip n See! How did you feel about Loretta and LaVette’s argument, and Christy’s absence?
Dominique - I knew that the Sip and See would be a little dramatic because all of the women were coming together after the men's meeting. Their disagreements at the meeting caused bickering between Loretta and LaVette and the disagreement between Jay and Deitrick made the environment at the sip n see uncomfortable for Christy, which I understand. At the same time, I wish she would have known (and felt) it was ok for her to come to the house and have fun with the other ladies.


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