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Schedule for 2016-10-21

  1. House

    S5/E20: Simple Explanation

  2. The Oxygen Movie

    When In Rome

  3. Strut

    S1/E5: Cover Girl

    At a go-see for the Spiegel catalog, the models all want to make history as the first transgender cover girl, but there's only room for one. Arisce and Laith begin a long distance relationship, and Isis goes on a blind date.

  4. Snapped Shelia Eddy

    S18/EP1: Shelia Eddy


    A family searches for a missing teen only to find out she’s been betrayed by her closest friends. Episode 1801

  5. Snapped Ajelina Lewis

    S18/EP2: Ajelina Lewis


    When a young father is murdered, suspicion turns to his child’s mother, but was his death a drug hit as she claimed or was it a more personal vendetta? Episode 1802

  6. Snapped Carol Kopenkoskey

    S18/EP3: Carol Kopenkoskey


    A 39-year marriage ends in a brutal death, revealing a surprising tale of adultery and murder. Episode 1803

  7. Snapped Cold Cases

    S18/EP4: Cold Cases


    A Snapped Special Episode: Two cases gone cold leave the victim’s families wondering if they will ever see justice. Episode 1804

  8. Snapped Snapped S7/E6

    S7/EP6: Snapped S7/E6

  9. Snapped Snapped S7/E7

    S7/EP7: Snapped S7/E7

  10. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E17: Oscar Pistorius

    An Olympic hero shoots his girlfriend at his home in the middle of the night. Has he mistaken her for an intruder or is it all part of a precisely calculated plot to get away with murder?

  11. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E18: The Sadist Of San Luis Obispo

    A sexual predator on early release from prison turns the quiet town of San Luis Obispo into a hunting ground, preying on young, unsuspecting, college age women. Through persistence and the tiniest of clues, law enforcement finally tracks down the sadistic killer and brings him to justice.

  12. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E19: The Gainesville Ripper

    An evil ex-con on the run for attempted murder sets up camp in Gainesville, Florida. But, he's not satisfied just hiding out. This seasoned killer's bloodlust cannot be controlled and he won't stop killing until he's paid back society for his eight years behind bars.

  13. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E20: The Con Artist Killers

    Mother and son grifters crisscross the United States, pulling off every scam and con imaginable. But when these criminal masterminds graduate to multiple homicides, they're finally caught by the long arms of the law.

  14. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E21: A Woman Scorned

    A promising young attorney is shot and killed in a jealous rage by an obsessed, on-again off-again girlfriend. But can she convince the jury that she's the victim and get away with murder?

  15. Snapped Snapped S7/E8

    S7/EP8: Snapped S7/E8

  16. Snapped Snapped S7/E9

    S7/EP9: Snapped S7/E9

  17. Snapped Snapped S7/E10

    S7/EP10: Snapped S7/E10

  18. Snapped Snapped S7/E11

    S7/EP11: Snapped S7/E11

  19. Snapped Snapped S7/E12

    S7/EP12: Snapped S7/E12

  20. Snapped Snapped S7/E13

    S7/EP13: Snapped S7/E13

  21. Saturday, October 22

  22. Snapped Snapped S7/E14

    S7/EP14: Snapped S7/E14

  23. Snapped Snapped S7/E15

    S7/EP15: Snapped S7/E15

  24. Snapped

    S4/E11: Joan Shannon

    When Joan Shannon's soldier husband was shot to death by her teenaged daughter, it didn't take long before authorities suspected that mom may have played a role in the demise of her well-insured spouse.

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