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Schedule for 2016-09-01

  1. House

    S3/E21: Family

  2. Sisterhood of Hip Hop Gotta Have It

    S3/EP8: Gotta Have It


    Lee explores adding a member to the team, but her manager, Shyntae, is not so keen. Siya has the opportunity to land a distributor for her debut album - but can she seal the deal? Meanwhile, Brianna confronts her mother. Episode 308

  3. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E1: The Notorious Firece Fourteen

    Thirty-four finalists travel to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas where they bring their inner-goddess to the surface for their very first photo shoot. Tyra determines the final 13 contestants that will move to a New York City loft and compete for the chance to be America's Next Top Model.

  4. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E2: Top Model Inauguration

    In part two of the season eleven premiere, the competition kicks off as the final fourteen models move into their luxurious home and must later participate in a photo shoot that has them portraying different political issues.

  5. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E3: The Ladder Of Model Success

    Benny Ninja returns to teach the models about posing, but one of the women takes contorting her body a little too far; two models get close in the hot tub while others have a confrontation about discrimination; one model is eliminated.

  6. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E4: You're Beautiful, Now Change

    Tyra reveals it's time for makeovers; tears are shed when the models first see their new looks; the models go to Malibu, Calif., for a swimsuit shoot with supermodel and designer Susan Holmes; one model is sent home.

  7. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E5: Fierce Eyes

    The models practice their struts down a catwalk while wearing blindfolds; one model shocks the judges when she lifts her dress while posing; in the photo challenge, the ladies pose with their eyes. Finally, elimination time leaves everyone stunned as Tyra and the judges reveal a shocking decision.

  8. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E6: Natural Beauty

    Paulina shows the contestants how to model unflattering clothes with style; Jay asks the models to pose as Los Angeles' "natural" disasters, including an earthquake, a heat wave and a traffic jam.

  9. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E7: The Fiercee Awards

    The final eight have a one-on-one photo shoot with Tyra. Meanwhile, some of the contestants begin to ponder whether they really have what it takes to continue in the competition. Finally, the photo shoot of the week requires the girls to portray random moments of what it is really like backstage at an awards show.

  10. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E8: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

    The models pull a disappearing act in the new challenge; the remaining women test their on-camera talent; this cycle's overseas destination.

  11. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E9: Planes, Trains And Slow Automobiles

    The women pack their bags and head to their European destination, where they are sent on a scavenger hunt and must find their way to their temporary home; the contestants model clothes in storefront windows; one model is sent home.

  12. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E10: The Final Five

    The remaining models travel around by boat for their go-sees; Tyra is behind the camera during this week's photo challenge; one model screams at the judges during elimination.

  13. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E11: Good Times & Windmills

    Paulina offers the girls advice on how to successfully model with a variety of items, including fish and toilet paper. Back at the house the girls decide to unwind by inviting some local guys over for an evening full of games. After the judges deliberate, one girl is sent home.

  14. America's Next Top Model

    S11/E12: America's Next Top Model Is...

    The final three ladies shoot a cosmetics commercial in the 11th-season finale. After one model is eliminated, the remaining two walk a winding runway to determine the winner.

  15. The Oxygen Movie (big Night In)

    Sister Act

  16. The Oxygen Movie

    Sister Act

  17. Friday, September 2

  18. The Oxygen Movie

    Sister Act 2

  19. My Wife & Kids

    S5/E6: Pokerface

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