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Schedule for 2015-10-04

  1. Paid Programming

  2. House

    S2/E1: Acceptance

  3. House

    S2/E2: Autopsy

  4. House

    S2/E3: Humpty Dumpty

  5. Snapped Kimberly Cargill

    S16/EP2: Kimberly Cargill


    They say a mother’s love is forever, but when a dead body is found in a small town in Texas will it have one mother facing death?

  6. Snapped

    S7/E35: Michelle Reynolds

    All hell breaks loose in a small town when a popular church deacon is murdered.

  7. Snapped

    S7/E36: Martha Pineda

    A cougar's sexy boy toy is found dead. Is it an overdose? Or murder?

  8. Snapped

    S7/E37: Shannon Crawley

    A grad student is found dead at her campus apartment, police uncover a love triangle to include a fellow officer and a woman scorned.

  9. Snapped

    S7/E38: Karen Grauber

    A daycare owner seems to have it all, until a murder investigation uncovers a secret life.

  10. Snapped

    S7/E39: Kelley Cannon

    A wealthy attorney is found strangled in his home, revealing a dark side to a power couple's marriage.

  11. Snapped

    S7/E40: Brigitte Harris

    The murder and mutilation of a prominent Liberian American could be payback for a daughter's years of sexual abuse.

  12. Snapped

    S7/E41: Tausha Morton

    A Missouri man goes missing, and his ex-wife holds the key to the mystery.

  13. Snapped Mary Jane Fonder

    S16/EP3: Mary Jane Fonder


    A small town church is shocked when one member is shot and another stands accused.

  14. Snapped Carmen Montelongo

    S16/EP4: Carmen Montelongo


    A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushinga trash can full of body parts down the street.

  15. Snapped Christine Billis

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  16. Snapped: She Made Me Do It

    S1/E4: Veronica Paz

    A star athlete is killed and burned. His on-again/off-again lover blames her high school sweetheart. He claims she made him do it.

  17. Snapped Yalanda Lind

    S16/EP1: Yalanda Lind


    Years after a deadly home invasion, a Texas woman faces new questions about the death of her mother. 

  18. Monday, October 5

  19. Snapped Christine Billis

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  20. Boss Nails

    S1/E6: Ladies' Night

    After Rod walks out on a client, Dana is forced to intervene to get to the bottom of Rod's latest antics. Meanwhile, things get steamy when Doneita and Paige plan a girls' night out for the Tippie Toes ladies

  21. Boss Nails

    S1/E7: Tip Toeing Around

    Nuni doesn't feel at home at Tippie Toes and new opportunities have him questioning his future at the salon. Dana plans a launch party for her new Imperial Nails and puts Paige in charge of organizing it- but can she handle the responsibility?

  22. Boss Nails

    S1/E8: Best Foot Forward

    Nuni makes up his mind about his future with the salon. Dana throws the Imperial Nail's launch party, but her money and reputation on the line, Dana worries about whether Paige can pull it all off.

  23. Snapped

    S5/E7: Vicki Monroe

  24. Paid Programming