Tuesday Oct 21, 2014>
12:00 PMBad Girls ClubBad News BritTV14
01:00 PMBad Girls ClubFamily AffairsTV14
02:00 PMBad Girls ClubInsults and InjuriesTV14
03:00 PMBad Girls ClubEasy Come, Easy GoTV14
04:00 PMBad Girls ClubSmell Ya Later!TV14
05:00 PMBad Girls Club: Return To TheReturn To The MansionTV14
06:00 PMBad Girls Club #EditionBad Girls Don't CryTV14
07:00 PMBad Girls ClubJudging JudiTV14
08:00 PMBad Girls ClubLashing OutTV14
09:00 PMNail'd It!Nails Fit for a Bride
10:00 PMBad Girls ClubLashing OutTV14
11:00 PMNail'd It!Nails Fit for a Bride
12:00 AMBad Girls ClubLashing OutTV14
01:00 AMMy Wife and KidsThe BabyTVPG
01:30 AMMy Wife and KidsThe BabyTVPG
02:00 AMBad Girls ClubLashing OutTV14
03:00 AMTotal Gym for $14.95Total Gym for $14.95
03:30 AMEasy NutritionGet your daily dose of nutrition in seconds with the NutriBullet!
04:00 AMMario Lopez revealsMario Lopez reveals
04:30 AMForever YoungForever Young
05:00 AMTommie CopperTommie Copper
05:30 AMAirbrushed BeautyAirbrushed Beauty