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Schedule for 2015-04-28

  1. Killer Couples Killer Couples S4/E9

    S4/EP9: Killer Couples S4/E9

  2. Killer Couples Killer Couples S4/E6

    S4/EP6: Killer Couples S4/E6

  3. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E20: Here Come Da Judge

  4. Paid Programming

  5. The Oxygen Movie

    Queens Of Comedy

  6. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E1

    S1/EP1: Funny Girls S1/E1


    Ester is desperate to book her show and hits up her celebrity friends for a favor.  Stephanie wants to book the gig but nerves get the best of her and she melts down. Yamaneika is new to town and is canvassing LA for love... in all the wrong places. 

  7. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E2

    S1/EP2: Funny Girls S1/E2


    Yamaneika tells Stephanie to get back on the horse (or mic) after she bombs. Ester tries to book Margaret Cho as her headliner but she isn't interested in being paid with pickles-- Yamaneika however is.

  8. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E3

    S1/EP3: Funny Girls S1/E3


    Swipe Left - Nicole goes on a tinder speed dating adventure. Two guys in one night = bad idea. Yamaneika is sexually thirsty and asks Calise to be her wing woman which causes issues with Reid.  Ester and Stephanie finally meet up… tensions are high.

  9. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E13: Twin Leaks 313

  10. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E14: Insecurity Breach 314

  11. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E15: Girl Vs. Girl Bye 315

  12. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E16: All Hail Brie Mode 316

  13. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E17: Mo' Money, Mo' Purses 317

  14. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E18: Model Behavior 318

  15. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E19: Indecent Exposure 319

  16. New Episode

    Total Divas (s3)

    S3/E20: The New Divas Champion 320

  17. The Oxygen Movie

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  18. Funny Girls Ep 4: Funny Girls S1/E4

    S1/EP4: Ep 4: Funny Girls S1/E4


    Yamaneika gets more than she bargains for when she goes out with a celebrity look-alike.  Nicole’s lesbian stand up set has everyone in the room cracking up except for Scout. Ester’s long-time fling shoots her SNL casting tape and drops a major bomb.

  19. The Prancing Elites Project The Prancing Elites Project S1/E1

    S1/EP1: The Prancing Elites Project S1/E1


    A loud and proud male dance team from Mobile, Alabama, The Prancing Elites try to balance both fame and prejudice to continue doing what they love. Inspired by NeNe Leakes, the Elites stand up to objections by showing who they are at a local parade.

  20. Killer Couples Diane Zamora & David Graham

    S5/EP1: Diane Zamora & David Graham


    The passionate romance between two academy-bound high school sweethearts turns deadly when a youthful indiscretion leads to cold-blooded murder.

  21. Killer Couples Killer Couples S4/E4

    S4/EP4: Killer Couples S4/E4