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Schedule for 2016-07-31

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  2. E! Investigates (2007)


  3. Snapped Monique Kitts

    S17/EP13: Monique Kitts


    A successful daycare owner finds her husband dead after an alleged home invasion, but police discover a shocking double life and a murder plan full of possible accomplices. Episode 1713

  4. Snapped

    S5/E1: Martha Freeman

    A bookeeper poisons her millionaire boss and gets away with probabtion. And the boss' wife, who some insist was in on the murder, is never even charged.

  5. Snapped

    S5/E2: Amy Bosley

    Amy Bosley knew she was in trouble when she didn't pay taxes for the family business. But, it would be the police, not the IRS, who ultimately came after her when she killed her husband to keep him from finding out.

  6. Snapped

    S5/E3: Kimberly Cunningham

    Kimberly Cunningham was furious when she learned that a family friend had molested her daughter - and when she confronted the attacker, she brought a gun to help make her point.

  7. Snapped

    S5/E4: Margaret Rudin

    Four-time divorcee Margaret Rudin had finally hit the jackpot when she met and married a Las Vegas real-estate mogul. But, when cops discovered Ron's burnt skull in the desert, Margaret's Vegas dream would turn into a nightmare.

  8. Snapped

    S5/E5: Jane Dorotik

    Jane Dorotik was a successful businesswoman who had built a nice life for herself and her husband, Bob. But, the Dorotik's 27-year marriage came to a tragic end when Bob was found murdered and the killer's tracks led police back to Jane.

  9. Snapped

    S5/E6: Susan Polk

    During an acrimonious divorce, Susan Polk and her husband Felix both threatened to kill each other, but only one of them actually followed through.

  10. Snapped

    S5/E7: Vicki Monroe

  11. Snapped

    S5/E9: Mary Krueger

    Mary Krueger caught her husband with a prostitute in the kitchen of their Iowa farmhouse, and she had a rifle in her hand when she made the discovery.

  12. Snapped

    S5/E10: Brookey Lee West

    Brookey Lee West ended years of mother-daughter conflict when she put her unstable mother away. But, Brookey had new problems when police discovered her mother had been "put away" inside a trash can in a Las Vegas storage unit.

  13. Snapped

    S5/E11: Daphne Wright

    Daphne Wright faced many challenges as a deaf lesbian minority living in the conservative Midwest. But, when her romantic rival was brutally murdered and dismembered, Daphne would also find herself facing the death penalty.

  14. Snapped

    S5/E12: Melanie Mcguire

    Friends supported Melanie McGuire when she told them her husband left her, but their sympathy turned to shock when his dismembered body washed up on the Jersey shore and his beautiful widow became the main suspect.

  15. Snapped

    S4/E4: Nikki Redmond

    After a run-in with her fiance at his other fiance's house, Savannah beauty queen Nikki Redmond found herself before a judge. But, this time she wasn't competing for a pageant title, she was fighting for her life against a charge of murder.

  16. Snapped Snapped S12/E10

    S12/EP10: Snapped S12/E10

  17. Snapped Snapped S7/E10

    S7/EP10: Snapped S7/E10

  18. Snapped Denise Bozarth

    S15/EP6: Denise Bozarth


    After a man is found dead on his boat, questions surface about his past and his wife.

  19. Snapped Snapped S8/E9

    S8/EP9: Snapped S8/E9

  20. Snapped Snapped S10/E15

    S10/EP15: Snapped S10/E15

  21. Snapped Judith Hawkey

    S15/EP12: Judith Hawkey


    Years after the tragic shooting of his father, a young man reveals the depths of his mother’s cruelty. 

  22. Snapped Gabriela Escutia

    S15/EP13: Gabriela Escutia


    A murder in broad daylight causes the authorities to question whether it was an act of self-defense or a cold blooded murder.

  23. Monday, August 1

  24. Policewomen Files

    S1/E4: Poisoned Mind

    Peggy Carr and two of her sons are rushed to hospital with extreme pain and nausea. Doctors are initially baffled by the trio's symptoms but when they test positive for a rare and deadly poison, detectives launch an investigation.

  25. Sisterhood of Hip Hop Start From Scratch

    S3/EP3: Start From Scratch


    Siya’s struggle with the law continues as she faces a huge decision. After a terrifying experience at gunpoint Lee worries about leaving her family behind. Brianna is feeling the pressure of releasing music as an independent artist. Episode 303

  26. Policewomen Files

    S1/E3: Toxic Love

    Two mysterious deaths - a cop and a firefighter - cut down in their prime after suffering excruciating illnesses. A journalist uncovers is a twisted tale of love, passion and the ultimate betrayal, by a cold-blooded killer who almost gets away with it.

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