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Schedule for 2015-07-31

  1. House

    S7/E1: Now What?

  2. House

    S7/E2: Selfish

  3. My Wife & Kids

    S5/E20: Celibacy

  4. My Wife & Kids

    S5/E21: Jr.'s Cartoon

  5. My Wife & Kids

    S5/E22: Michael's Sandwich

  6. My Wife & Kids

    S5/E23: Graduation Day

  7. Sisterhood Of Hip Hop U-N-I-T-Y

    S2/EP8: U-N-I-T-Y


    Siya expands her career; while Brianna works on a new video. MC Lyte is brought in to coach the girls, but the girls struggle to put their differences aside, and it could jeopardize an opportunity of a lifetime.

  8. Don't Be Tardy

    S2/E7: If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

  9. Don't Be Tardy

    S2/E8: Don't Double Dip

  10. Don't Be Tardy

    S2/E9: Jingle Bells, This Tree Smells…

  11. Don't Be Tardy

    S2/E10: Iuadd

  12. Don't Be Tardy

    S2/E11: Bittersweet 16

  13. Don't Be Tardy

    S2/E12: The Biermann Bunch

  14. New Episode

    Stewarts & Hamiltons

    S1/E1: Meet The Stewarts And Hamiltons 101

  15. Player Gets Played A Perfect Angel

    S1/EP8: A Perfect Angel


    Stefany thinks her boyfriend Angel is the perfect guy, but when an internet search shows him posting online by another name and flirting with girls on the other side of the United States, she goes on a cross-country hunt for answers.

  16. The Oxygen Movie

    Waiting To Exhale

  17. The Oxygen Movie


  18. The Oxygen Movie


  19. New Episode

    Sex And The City

    S1/E1: Sex And The City

  20. Saturday, August 1

  21. New Episode

    Sex And The City

    S1/E4: Valley Of The Twenty-something Guys

  22. New Episode

    Sex And The City

    S1/E6: Secret Sex

  23. New Episode

    Sex And The City

    S1/E12: Oh Come All Ye Faithful

  24. New Episode

    Sex And The City

    S2/E8: The Man, The Myth, The Viagra

  25. Sex And The City

    S2/E12: La Douleur Exquise!

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