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Schedule for 2017-06-26

  1. Snapped

    S16/EP1: Yalanda Lind


    Years after a deadly home invasion, a Texas woman faces new questions about the death of her mother. 

  2. Snapped

    S16/EP2: Kimberly Cargill


    They say a mother’s love is forever, but when a dead body is found in a small town in Texas will it have one mother facing death?

  3. Snapped

    S16/EP3: Mary Jane Fonder


    A small town church is shocked when one member is shot and another stands accused.

  4. Snapped

    S16/EP4: Carmen Montelongo


    A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushinga trash can full of body parts down the street.

  5. Snapped

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  6. Snapped

    S16/EP6: Kristi Fulgham


    A 13-year-old confesses to murder, but police suspect he’s being manipulated by his half-sister. 

  7. Snapped

    S16/EP7: Cheryl Kunkle


    A murder investigation which pits a son against his mother sheds new light on a previously unsolved death. 

  8. Snapped

    S16/EP8: Brenda Bratschi


    When remains of a dead body are discovered under a trailer, the police suspect that they belong to a man who disappeared 5 years earlier.

  9. Snapped

    S16/EP9: Brynn Hartman


    The celebrity murder that shocked a nation – one of the country’s leading comedians is gunned down in his own home.

  10. Snapped

    S16/EP10: Michelle Despain


    The investigation into a deadly home invasion reveals just how far a father would go for his daughter. 

  11. Snapped

    S16/EP11: Michele Williams


    Michele seemed to have a perfect life of wealth and success, until her husband is found shot in his own bed; She faces tough questions about suicide, murder and money.

  12. Snapped

    S16/EP12: Ana Gonzalez-Angulo


    The poisoning of a prominent cancer researcher raises scandalous questions about one of his co-workers.

  13. Snapped

    S16/EP13: Patricia Olsen


    The investigation into an apparent farm accident reveals a tangled family plot with one woman at the center.

  14. Snapped

    S9/EP1: Snapped S9/E1

  15. Snapped

    S9/EP2: Snapped S9/E2

  16. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E57: The Bad Son

    A gunman attempts to take out an entire family one by one as they enter their house. It takes law enforcement nearly two years to crack the code behind the murders only to find out they were masterminded by someone too close for comfort.

  17. Snapped

    S9/EP3: Snapped S9/E3

  18. Snapped

    S9/EP4: Snapped S9/E4

  19. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP35: A Wolf in Woman's Clothing


    The murder of a millionaire doctor's wife sets off a massive manhunt throughout New England. Law enforcement quickly locates the suspected killer only to find out he has a history of not only violence but also cross-dressing. Episode 135

  20. Tuesday, June 27

  21. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP33: Master Bob


    A Michigan town in disbelief after a well-respected real estate entrepreneur becomes the prime suspect in his wife's murder. The investigation into the homicide uncovers a sordid tale of double lives. Episode 133

  22. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP6: Deaths in the Family


    When three members of the same family die of mysterious causes, detectives confirm the presence of antifreeze. Who is the poisoner, and why? The secret almost dies when a fourth family member is poisoned, but survives. Episode 106

  23. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP7: Bind, Torture, Kill


    A killer terrorizes Wichita, Kansas, preying on random people and families, tying them up, and strangling them. But then the killer goes quiet. When he resurfaces decades later, police find a way to lure him to reveal his identity. Episode 107

  24. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP8: The Ghost of Baton Rouge


    When a series of women are murdered in Baton Rouge, police draw a profile and begin DNA testing a segment of the city's population - white men. When one victim survives, she tells detectives the killer isn't white. Episode 108

  25. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP22: The Fast Food Killer


    A short order cook with aspirations of country stardom falls on hard times. With his dreams crushed, he returns to what he knows best - stick ups - only this time his armed robberies result in a ruthless spree of killing fast food workers. Episode 122

  26. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP10: The Casanova Killer


    Four women are killed in different states after going home from a bar with a young man dressed like a cowboy. Detectives don't realize the murders are linked together. When they do, their killer is on the run and the manhunt is on. Episode 110

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