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Schedule for 2017-02-25

  1. Paid Programming

  2. The E! True Hollywood Story (2012)

    Biggest Scandals Ever

  3. E! Entertainment Special

    Bridal To Homicidal

  4. The E! True Hollywood Story (2015)

    Social Media Nightmares

  5. E! Investigates (2008)

    Dating Nightmares

  6. 20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes

    20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes

  7. 15 Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies

    15 Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies

  8. The E! True Hollywood Story (1996)

    The Selena Murder Trial

  9. Snapped Snapped S8/E12

    S8/EP12: Snapped S8/E12

  10. Snapped Snapped S8/E15

    S8/EP15: Snapped S8/E15

  11. Snapped Snapped S8/E23

    S8/EP23: Snapped S8/E23

  12. Snapped

    S8/E26: Ashleigh Pechaluk

  13. Sunday, February 26

  14. Snapped Snapped S12/E2

    S12/EP2: Snapped S12/E2

  15. Snapped Social Media

    S15/EP3: Social Media


    A brutal attack with a hammer leads to claims of abuse and reveals a shocking secret life.

  16. Snapped

    S18/E6: Giselle Esteban

    A pretty, young nursing student disappears and the investigation uncovers a deadly fued with her former best friend.

  17. Paid Programming