Thursday Oct 23, 2014>
11:30 AMSnappedSnappedTVPG
12:30 PMSnappedSnappedTVPG
01:30 PMSnappedSnappedTVPG
02:30 PMPreachers of L.A.Bouncing Back
03:30 PMThe Oxygen MovieThe Oxygen Movie
06:00 PMWhat a Girl WantsWhat a Girl WantsTVPG
08:30 PMFreaky FridayFreaky FridayTVG
10:30 PMWhat a Girl WantsWhat a Girl WantsTVPG
01:00 AMFreaky FridayFreaky FridayTVG
03:00 AMTommie CopperTommie Copper
03:30 AMAirbrushed BeautyAirbrushed Beauty
04:00 AMMario Lopez revealsMario Lopez reveals
04:30 AMSalon Nails in MinutesSalon Nails in Minutes
05:00 AMForever YoungForever Young
05:30 AMCindy Crawford on ageless skinCindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty