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Schedule for 2017-04-29

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  2. Snapped

    S14/EP2: Snapped S14/E2

  3. Snapped

    S14/EP9: Snapped S14/E9

  4. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP21: A Woman Scorned


    A promising young attorney is shot and killed in a jealous rage by an obsessed, on-again off-again girlfriend. But can she convince the jury that she's the victim and get away with murder? Episode 121

  5. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP22: The Fast Food Killer


    A short order cook with aspirations of country stardom falls on hard times. With his dreams crushed, he returns to what he knows best - stick ups - only this time his armed robberies result in a ruthless spree of killing fast food workers. Episode 122

  6. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP23: Murder for Millions


    A millionaire inventor rolls the dice with a much younger fiancée. But he'll soon find out that she and her secret boyfriend have played him for his money and the price of this game is his life. Episode 123

  7. It Takes A Killer

    S1/EP24: Author of Death


    Out on parole, an ex-con turned published author goes on a 24-hour killing spree. But when he unknowingly leaves one of his victims alive to identify him cops launch a multi-state manhunt and bring him to justice.

  8. Snapped

    S7/EP24: Snapped S7/E24

  9. Snapped

    S7/EP23: Snapped S7/E23

  10. Snapped

    S7/EP22: Snapped S7/E22

  11. Killer Couples

    S8/EP1: Christine and Jeremy Moody


    A white supremacist couple’s vigilantism ends in a double murder. Episode 801

  12. Killer Couples

    S8/EP2: Catherine Stanek-Cousins And Timothy Koile


    A suburban sex scandal uncovers a deadly secret which leads to a missing pilot. Episode 802

  13. Killer Couples

    S8/EP3: Debra Canady and Brent Starr


    A cougar and her new boyfriend devise a vicious plot to get rid of an old boyfriend. Episode 803

  14. Snapped

    S7/EP1: Snapped S7/E1

  15. Snapped

    S7/EP14: Snapped S7/E14

  16. Snapped

    S8/EP15: Snapped S8/E15

  17. Snapped

    S8/EP16: Snapped S8/E16

  18. Snapped

    S8/EP18: Snapped S8/E18

  19. Snapped

    S8/E26: Ashleigh Pechaluk

  20. Sunday, April 30

  21. Snapped

    S17/EP1: Sabrina Zunich


    After an unstable upbringing, Sabrina was placed with a seemingly perfect foster family.  However, the brutal murder of her foster mother raised questions about Sabrina’s relationship with her foster father.

  22. Snapped

    S17/EP11: Suzanne Schoff


    Suzanne’s marriage comes to an end when she and Frank’s best friend begin a scandalous love affair. After Frank is gunned down, police discover a sick plot of lies and manipulation, centered on their ongoing custody battle. Episode 1711

  23. Snapped

    S16/EP4: Carmen Montelongo


    A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushinga trash can full of body parts down the street.

  24. Paid Programming