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Schedule for 2015-11-24

  1. House

    S3/E21: Family

  2. Crazy Talk

    S1/E33: Episode 133

  3. My Wife & Kids

    S1/E5: Making The Grade

  4. My Wife & Kids

    S1/E6: Working It

  5. My Wife & Kids

    S1/E7: Snapping And Sniffing

  6. My Wife & Kids

    S1/E8: He Said, She Said

  7. My Wife & Kids

    S1/E9: Breaking Up And Breaking It

  8. Fix My Mom

    S1/E3: Mother Of A Meltdown

    Mom Ashley's drama with the Ibrahims propels her into a downward spiral. The mothers and daughters have a breakthrough after an intense game of Never Have I Ever. An ill-fated lunch pushes Shun to her breaking point.

  9. Fix My Mom

    S1/E4: Anger Mismanagement

    A group session takes an unexpected turn when Laura challenges Shun and Amber to change their attitudes. Mom Ashley learns the real impact of her negative words on daughter Brittany.

  10. The Oxygen Movie

    Down To Earth

  11. The Oxygen Movie

    Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins

  12. Bad Girls Club #edition

    S14/E8: Twerking For Change

    New girl Alicia moves into the house without causing drama, but it isn't long before the girls cause it for her. Missing her boyfriend, Beatrice sets her sights on Kat. Meanwhile, the girls are determined to make Kat's birthday special.

  13. Bad Girls Club #edition

    S14/E9: Bye Bye Baby

    After several missteps with her roommates, Alicia feels like the house may be the wrong place for her. Kat and Beatrice take their relationship to the next level, and to relieve tension, the other girls seek solace in some sexual healing.

  14. Bad Girls Club #edition

    S14/E10: Bye With A Bang

    The girls tie up loose ends while away in San Diego. Kat struggles to walk out of the house a changed woman, and Laura has her final sessions with the girls.

  15. Bad Girls Club #edition

    S1/E411: Reunion Part 1

    The Bad Girls return to Los Angeles to get turnt up one last time! Things get complicated when Kat and Beatrice reunite. The cast continues to clash with the twins.

  16. Bad Girls Club #edition

    S1/E412: Reunion Part 2

    Tensions flare when Jela calls the girls out for destroying her clothes. Life Coach Laura helps the girls seek closure during their final moments on The Bad Girls Club.

  17. Bad Girls Club Sneak Peek 1599

  18. Fix My Mom

    S1/E5: Words And Letters

    In a private session with Laura, Ashley is forced to face her biggest fear when she must write a possible eulogy in the event of Velvet's death. Shun takes Laura aside to express concerns about the program.

  19. Pretty. Strong.


  20. The Oxygen Movie

    Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins

  21. Wednesday, November 25

  22. Snapped Camia Gamet

    S15/EP1: Camia Gamet


    A brutal murder uncovers one couple’s shocking history of domestic abuse and raises surprising questions about the identity of the aggressor. 

  23. Snapped Mindy Dodd

    S15/EP2: Mindy Dodd


    The discovery of a murdered man exposes the dark and disturbing secrets hidden within his family. 

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