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Schedule for 2015-07-02

  1. House (strip Seasons 1-4)

    S3/E23: The Jerk

  2. House (strip Seasons 1-4)

    S3/E24: Human Error

  3. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E23: Tee For Too Many

  4. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E24: The Big Bang Theory

  5. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E25: Not So Hostile Takeover

  6. My Wife & Kids

    S3/E26: Graduation: Part 1

  7. Killer Couples Kat McDonough & Seth Mazzaglia

    S5/EP4: Kat McDonough & Seth Mazzaglia


    A couple’s lifestyle of kink and domination turns deadly when an unwitting college girl enters the picture. 

  8. Killer Couples Kimberly Michaud & Jimmie Dale Kelley

    S5/EP5: Kimberly Michaud & Jimmie Dale Kelley


    A small-town mother finds herself captivated by an ex-convict, and soon learns the fatal consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  9. Killer Couples Miranda & Elytte Barbour

    S5/EP6: Miranda & Elytte Barbour


    A twisted sense of justice leads a pair of demented newlyweds to lure an unsuspecting victim on Craigslist.

  10. Killer Couples Chie Coggins-Johnson and Scott Barker

    S5/EP7: Chie Coggins-Johnson and Scott Barker


    When the son of a wealthy film producer is found stabbed to death in his Beverly Hills mansion, is a deadly love triangle to blame? 

  11. Killer Couples Antoinette Frank & Rogers LaCaze

    S5/EP8: Antoinette Frank & Rogers LaCaze


    A scandalous love affair between a police officer and a criminal leads to a bloody triple murder.

  12. Snapped: Killer Couples

    S5/E9: Kim Williams And Eric Williams

  13. Snapped: Killer Couples

    S5/E10: Susie Newsom And Fritz Klenner

  14. Sex And The City

    S4/E1: The Agony And The 'ex'tasy

  15. Sex And The City

    S4/E2: The Real Me

  16. Sex And The City

    S4/E3: Defining Moments

  17. Sex And The City

    S4/E4: What's Sex Got To Do With It?

  18. Sex And The City

    S4/E5: Ghost Town

  19. Sex And The City

    S4/E6: Baby, Talk Is Cheap

  20. Sex And The City

    S4/E7: Time And Punishment

  21. Snapped Snapped S8/E12

    S8/EP12: Snapped S8/E12

    Here's a scene from Snapped 812: Sarah Kolb.
  22. Snapped Snapped S8/E13

    S8/EP13: Snapped S8/E13

    Here's a scene from Snapped 813: Adrienne Hickson.
  23. Snapped Snapped S8/E14

    S8/EP14: Snapped S8/E14

    Here's a scene from Snapped 814: Linda Pedroza.
  24. Friday, July 3

  25. Snapped Snapped S8/E15

    S8/EP15: Snapped S8/E15

    Here's a scene from Snapped 815: Michelle Hetzel.
  26. Snapped Snapped S8/E16

    S8/EP16: Snapped S8/E16

    Here's a scene from Snapped 816: Shawna Nelson.
  27. The Prancing Elites Project Reignite the Spark

    S1/EP11: Reignite the Spark


    The team prepares for their first co-ed competition, but friction within the team and hostility from the crowd is hard to overcome. Will the team rediscover their passion and rise to the top, or crumble under the pressure?  

  28. The Prancing Elites Project Prancing with the Stars

    S1/EP10: Prancing with the Stars


    Hoping to take the Elites to a new level, the group heads to Los Angeles to audition for a music video. The Elites meet with a Media Coach to prepare for a radio interview, but Kareem is hesitant to speak out.

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