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Schedule for 2015-11-29

  1. Paid Programming

  2. House

    S3/E24: Human Error

  3. House

    S4/E1: Alone

  4. House

    S4/E2: The Right Stuff

  5. Snapped Kimberly Cargill

    S16/EP2: Kimberly Cargill


    They say a mother’s love is forever, but when a dead body is found in a small town in Texas will it have one mother facing death?

  6. Snapped Mary Jane Fonder

    S16/EP3: Mary Jane Fonder


    A small town church is shocked when one member is shot and another stands accused.

  7. Snapped Carmen Montelongo

    S16/EP4: Carmen Montelongo


    A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushinga trash can full of body parts down the street.

  8. Snapped Christine Billis

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  9. Snapped Snapped S14/E1

    S14/EP1: Snapped S14/E1

  10. Snapped Snapped S14/E2

    S14/EP2: Snapped S14/E2

  11. Snapped Snapped S14/E3

    S14/EP3: Snapped S14/E3

  12. Snapped Snapped S14/E4

    S14/EP4: Snapped S14/E4

  13. Snapped Snapped S14/E5

    S14/EP5: Snapped S14/E5

  14. Snapped Snapped S14/E6

    S14/EP6: Snapped S14/E6

  15. Killer Couples Cassandra Kimbrough & Antonio Drayton

    S6/EP8: Cassandra Kimbrough & Antonio Drayton


    A red hot romance comes to a fiery end when jealousy threatens to rip two lovers apart. Is it a crime of passion or a cold blooded conspiracy?

  16. Snapped Snapped S14/E7

    S14/EP7: Snapped S14/E7

  17. Snapped Snapped S14/E8

    S14/EP8: Snapped S14/E8

  18. Monday, November 30

  19. Snapped Snapped S14/E9

    S14/EP9: Snapped S14/E9

  20. Fix My Mom

    S1/E4: Anger Mismanagement

    A group session takes an unexpected turn when Laura challenges Shun and Amber to change their attitudes. Mom Ashley learns the real impact of her negative words on daughter Brittany.

  21. Fix My Mom

    S1/E5: Words And Letters

    In a private session with Laura, Ashley is forced to face her biggest fear when she must write a possible eulogy in the event of Velvet's death. Shun takes Laura aside to express concerns about the program.

  22. Paid Programming