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Schedule for 2015-05-05

  1. The Prancing Elites Project The Prancing Elites Project S1/E1

    S1/EP1: The Prancing Elites Project S1/E1


    A loud and proud male dance team from Mobile, Alabama, The Prancing Elites try to balance both fame and prejudice to continue doing what they love. Inspired by NeNe Leakes, the Elites stand up to objections by showing who they are at a local parade.

  2. The Prancing Elites Project The Prancing Elites Project S1/E2

    S1/EP2: The Prancing Elites Project S1/E2


    After being rejected by all-female dance competitions, The Prancing Elites create an event in which both men and women can compete against each other. But The Elites struggle to handle the pressure when one member gets sick at the last minute.

  3. New Episode

    Comedians Of Chelsea Lately

    S1/E1: Episode 101

  4. New Episode

    Comedians Of Chelsea Lately

    S1/E2: Episode 102

  5. New Episode

    The Grace Helbig Show (s1)

    S1/E5: Hilary Duff, Glozell Green & Shane Dawson 105

  6. The Grace Helbig Show (s1)

    S1/E4: Paul Scheer, Abby Lee & Mamrie Hart 104

  7. Paid Programming

  8. The Oxygen Movie

    Bring It On Again

  9. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E2

    S1/EP2: Funny Girls S1/E2


    Yamaneika tells Stephanie to get back on the horse (or mic) after she bombs. Ester tries to book Margaret Cho as her headliner but she isn't interested in being paid with pickles-- Yamaneika however is.

  10. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E3

    S1/EP3: Funny Girls S1/E3


    Swipe Left - Nicole goes on a tinder speed dating adventure. Two guys in one night = bad idea. Yamaneika is sexually thirsty and asks Calise to be her wing woman which causes issues with Reid.  Ester and Stephanie finally meet up… tensions are high.

  11. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E4

    S1/EP4: Funny Girls S1/E4


    Yamaneika gets more than she bargains for when she goes out with a celebrity look-alike.  Nicole’s lesbian stand up set has everyone in the room cracking up except for Scout. Ester’s long-time fling shoots her SNL casting tape and drops a major bomb.

  12. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E5: Beverly Johnson

  13. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E6: Jessica Sutta And Nadine Coyle

  14. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E7: Estelle

  15. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E8: Georgina Chapman

  16. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E9: Barney Cheng

  17. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E10: Nicholas Tse

  18. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E11: Jez Smith

  19. America's Next Top Model

    S18/E12: Season Finale

  20. The Oxygen Movie

    Legally Blonde

  21. The Oxygen Movie

    Legally Blonde

  22. Funny Girls Funny Girls S1/E5

    S1/EP5: Funny Girls S1/E5


    Nicole gets creative when she can’t pay her bills.  Stephanie thinks she has an STD and speed dials the only friend that can comfort her…her gyno. Yamaneika gets a demeaning job offer which pushes her over the edge.