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Schedule for 2017-06-24

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  2. Snapped

    S10/EP11: Snapped S10/E11

  3. Snapped

    S10/EP12: Snapped S10/E12

  4. She Made Me Do It

    S2/E6: Cheryl Gasper

    A loving husband and father is found dead and all clues point to his wife's lover. Was this crime the result of lust and jealousy, or did a relentless seductress use her lover as a pawn to gain a huge life insurance policy for herself

  5. She Made Me Do It

    S2/E7: Brittany Navarra

    A young woman is found viciously murdered in her fiancé's home and investigators struggle to understand who would have wanted to the woman dead. That is, until they uncover details of a torrid love triangle.

  6. Snapped

    S10/EP15: Snapped S10/E15

  7. Snapped

    S10/EP16: Snapped S10/E16

  8. #killerpost

    S1/E9: Sacco/puccio

    A troubled woman joins a dating site and soon finds the man of her dreams. When they meet in person he uses their common interests to manipulate her, leaving detectives solving a deadly mystery tied to secrecy, lies, and surprise guests

  9. #killerpost

    S1/E10: Rodriguez/nieves

    When a popular ladies' man befriends a beautiful stranger online, he learns the hard way that not every woman is worth the chase or who they appear to be online.

  10. Snapped

    S11/EP4: Snapped S11/E4

  11. Snapped

    S11/EP2: Snapped S11/E2

  12. Snapped

    S16/EP4: Carmen Montelongo


    A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushinga trash can full of body parts down the street.

  13. Snapped

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  14. Snapped

    S16/EP6: Kristi Fulgham


    A 13-year-old confesses to murder, but police suspect he’s being manipulated by his half-sister. 

  15. Snapped

    S16/EP7: Cheryl Kunkle


    A murder investigation which pits a son against his mother sheds new light on a previously unsolved death. 

  16. Snapped

    S16/EP8: Brenda Bratschi


    When remains of a dead body are discovered under a trailer, the police suspect that they belong to a man who disappeared 5 years earlier.

  17. Snapped

    S16/EP9: Brynn Hartman


    The celebrity murder that shocked a nation – one of the country’s leading comedians is gunned down in his own home.

  18. Sunday, June 25

  19. Snapped

    S16/EP10: Michelle Despain


    The investigation into a deadly home invasion reveals just how far a father would go for his daughter. 

  20. Snapped

    S16/EP11: Michele Williams


    Michele seemed to have a perfect life of wealth and success, until her husband is found shot in his own bed; She faces tough questions about suicide, murder and money.

  21. Snapped

    S8/EP1: Snapped S8/E1

  22. Paid Programming