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Schedule for 2015-08-30

  1. Paid Programming

  2. Ghost Whisperer

    S4/E17: Delusion Of Grandview

  3. Ghost Whisperer

    S4/E18: Leap Of Faith

  4. Snapped Heather Horst

    S15/EP11: Heather Horst


    A young wife finds her husband dead, but police soon uncover a twisted web of lies and murder.

  5. Snapped Judith Hawkey

    S15/EP12: Judith Hawkey


    Years after the tragic shooting of his father, a young man reveals the depths of his mother’s cruelty. 

  6. Snapped Gabriela Escutia

    S15/EP13: Gabriela Escutia


    A murder in broad daylight causes the authorities to question whether it was an act of self-defense or a cold blooded murder.

  7. Snapped Snapped S9/E1

    S9/EP1: Snapped S9/E1

  8. Snapped Snapped S9/E2

    S9/EP2: Snapped S9/E2

    Here is a scene from Snapped 902: Joanna Hayes
  9. Snapped Snapped S9/E3

    S9/EP3: Snapped S9/E3

    This is a scene from Snapped 903: Ellen Snyder
  10. Snapped Snapped S9/E4

    S9/EP4: Snapped S9/E4

    Here is a scene from Snapped 904: Clara Schwartz
  11. Snapped Snapped S9/E5

    S9/EP5: Snapped S9/E5

    Here is a scene from Snapped 905: Jennifer Bowen
  12. Snapped Snapped S9/E6

    S9/EP6: Snapped S9/E6

  13. Snapped Snapped S9/E7

    S9/EP7: Snapped S9/E7

    Here is a scene from Snapped 907: Tyonne Palmer
  14. Snapped Snapped S9/E8

    S9/EP8: Snapped S9/E8

    Here is a scene from Snapped 908: Tracey Richter
  15. Snapped Snapped S9/E9

    S9/EP9: Snapped S9/E9

  16. Snapped Snapped S9/E10

    S9/EP10: Snapped S9/E10

    Here is a scene from Snapped 910: Marni Yang
  17. Snapped Snapped S9/E11

    S9/EP11: Snapped S9/E11

    Here's a scene from Snapped 911: Shannon Baugus.
  18. Monday, August 31

  19. Snapped Snapped S9/E12

    S9/EP12: Snapped S9/E12

    Here's a scene from Snapped 819: Nanette Johnston.
  20. Boss Nails

    S1/E2: Hand To Hand Combat

    A VIP Baby Shower Client has Dana thinking about the next steps in her own life. Meanwhile, tensions heat up at the salon when hothead Rod challenges newcomer Nuni to a nail-off.

  21. Boss Nails

    S1/E3: All In A Day’s Twerk

    The salon is reeling after Nuni's outburst at the nail competition and both he and Dana question his future at Tippie Toes. The crew heads to a strip club to solicit new clients and Dana worries that their antics will hurt Tippie Toes' reputation.

  22. It Takes A Sister

    S1/E4: Food Truck Mayhem

    Nikki and Vince's relationship is put to the test while he's away in Brazil, and Meagan confronts Dre about putting his job before his son. Erika and Jenni get a real taste for what it would be like to own a food truck.

  23. It Takes A Sister

    S1/E5: Out Of Balance

    Nikki travels to Atlanta to expand her business and after discovering her boyfriend Vince won his UFC fight, she worries he won't be able to handle his career and their relationship. Kortnee has a meltdown and is rushed to the emergency room.

  24. Paid Programming