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Schedule for 2017-01-23

  1. House (strip Seasons 1-4)

    S2/E1: Acceptance

  2. House (strip Seasons 1-4)

    S2/E2: Autopsy

  3. Snapped Snapped S12/E13

    S12/EP13: Snapped S12/E13

  4. Snapped Kim Long

    S18/EP5: Kim Long


    A vicious attack leaves a man dead and his girlfriend under suspicion, but is there enough evidence to prove murder? Episode 1805

  5. Snapped

    S18/E6: Giselle Esteban

    A pretty, young nursing student disappears and the investigation uncovers a deadly fued with her former best friend.

  6. Snapped Ghazal Mansury

    S18/EP7: Ghazal Mansury


    When a 79-year old woman goes missing, her daughter blames dementia but the rest of her family suspects someone much closer to home. Episode 1807

  7. Snapped Dawn Fowler

    S18/EP8: Dawn Fowler


    A church congregation is shocked when a deadly home invasion turns out to be part of a scandalous web of sex, lies and greed. Episode 1808

  8. Snapped Loretta Burroughs

    S18/EP9: Loretta Burroughs


    The search for a missing man leads to a disturbing discovery years later deep in his wife’s closet. Episode 1809

  9. Snapped Donna Blanton

    S18/EP10: Donna Blanton


    The death of a state trooper leads to an all out hunt for his killer, but the evidence points to his new wife and a big secret. Episode 1810

  10. Snapped Diane Borchardt

    S18/EP11: Diane Borchardt


    When the husband of a popular teacher’s aide is shot to death, the investigation uncovers infidelity, teenage hit men and an airtight alibi.

  11. Snapped Susan Walls

    S18/EP12: Susan Walls


    A brutal death reveals a disturbing family secret and pits mother against daughter. Episode 1812

  12. Snapped Snapped S9/E6

    S9/EP6: Snapped S9/E6

  13. Snapped Snapped S9/E9

    S9/EP9: Snapped S9/E9

  14. Snapped Snapped S9/E13

    S9/EP13: Snapped S9/E13

  15. Snapped

    S9/E16: Jessica Hill

    A man dies in an apparent freak accident, but soon his wife is accused of murder and more.

  16. Snapped

    S9/E26: Mary Beth Harshbarger

  17. Snapped Snapped S10/E22

    S10/EP22: Snapped S10/E22

  18. Snapped Snapped S14/E5

    S14/EP5: Snapped S14/E5

  19. Tuesday, January 24

  20. Snapped Snapped S14/E9

    S14/EP9: Snapped S14/E9

  21. Snapped Christine Billis

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  22. Snapped Patricia Olsen

    S16/EP13: Patricia Olsen


    The investigation into an apparent farm accident reveals a tangled family plot with one woman at the center.

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