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Schedule for 2015-10-09

  1. House

    S2/E7: Hunting

  2. Crazy Talk

    S1/E37: Episode 137

  3. Crazy Talk

    S1/E38: Episode 138

  4. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E4: Perfect Dad

  5. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E5: Thru Thick And Thin

  6. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E6: He Heard, She Heard

  7. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E7: Michael's Garden

  8. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E8: Let Them Eat Pie

  9. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E9: Jay Gets Fired

  10. America's Next Top Model

    S14/E7: New York Women

  11. America's Next Top Model

    S14/E8: Big Hair Day

  12. America's Next Top Model

    S14/E9: Welcome To New Zealand

  13. America's Next Top Model

    S14/E10: Hobbits Vs. Models

  14. America's Next Top Model

    S14/E11: Ugly-pretty Woman

  15. America's Next Top Model

    S14/E12: America’s Next Top Model Is…

  16. New Episode

    Crazy Talk

    S1/E39: Episode 139

  17. New Episode

    Crazy Talk

    S1/E40: Episode 140

  18. The Oxygen Movie


  19. The Oxygen Movie

    In Her Shoes

  20. The Oxygen Movie

    In Her Shoes

  21. Saturday, October 10

  22. Pretty. Strong.

    S1/E1: A Bliss-ful Reunion

    The defending champions, Chicago Bliss are returning for another season in pursuit of a Championship three-peat, but off-the-field drama is threatening to derail their chances. Heather has big news while Nani's attitude puts the team in jeopardy.

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