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Schedule for 2017-01-21

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  2. Killer Couples Nicole Houchin & John Mackay

    S6/EP9: Nicole Houchin & John Mackay


    Two married couples’ infidelity leads to one deadly home invasion, and a shocking investigation that unveils a pair of unlikely suspects. 

  3. Killer Couples Pamela Smart & William “Billy” Flynn

    S6/EP10: Pamela Smart & William “Billy” Flynn


    A sexy teacher and  her teenaged lover hatch a plot that rocks a nation.

  4. Killer Couples 701 Angela Hill/Logan McFarland

    S7/EP1: 701 Angela Hill/Logan McFarland



    A drug-crazed couple set off on a multi-state crime spree. Is this duo the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde or is one of them just another victim in a twisted crime?

  5. Killer Couples 702 Leslie/Mike Mackool

    S7/EP2: 702 Leslie/Mike Mackool



    A well-mannered southern belle turns into a manipulative bombshell once she marries an older man. When a family member ends up dead, detectives wonder if the money-hungry couple are connected to the crime or if they’ve been set up

  6. Killer Couples 703 Ruby Padgett/Mitchell Sims

    S7/EP3: 703 Ruby Padgett/Mitchell Sims


    Two young lovers execute a murderous revenge plot with multiple victims, but a few moments of negligence could turn their entire plan upside down.

  7. Killer Couples 704 Katie Belflower/Mike Simons

    S7/EP4: 704 Katie Belflower/Mike Simons


    An emotional rollercoaster leaves a young bride dead and just when it looks like justice could be served, her killers reveal a shocking twist that just might get them off the hook. Episode 704

  8. Killer Couples John Hawkins and Gene Hanson

    S7/EP5: John Hawkins and Gene Hanson


    A salesman and young hustler form a partnership in business and in romance. When a medical tragedy proves to be anything but natural police uncover a twisted tale of sex, deception and conspiracy. Episode 705

  9. Killer Couples 706 Ny Nourn and Ronald Barker

    S7/EP6: 706 Ny Nourn and Ronald Barker


    A withdrawn teen uses online chatrooms as an escape from her abusive home and discovers an attraction to older men, but it’s not long before the woman finds herself trapped in a deadly love triangle with a violent suitor. Episode 706

  10. Killer Couples Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson

    S7/EP7: Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson


    When a generous multi-millionaire is found murdered, detectives uncover a mountain of family secrets, a history of sexual abuse and greedy young lovers in the center of it all. Episode 707

  11. Killer Couples Lisa Toney and Sienky Lallemand

    S7/EP8: Lisa Toney and Sienky Lallemand


    When a secret life of passion and extravagance is exposed, two lovers take drastic –and deadly—measures to preserve it. Episode 708

  12. Killer Couples Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard

    S7/EP9: Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard


    Following a fatal gas explosion in a picturesque residential community, a divorcee and her new lover find themselves at the center of a twisted conspiracy. Episode 709

  13. Killer Couples Sandy Murphy & Rick Tabish

    S7/EP10: Sandy Murphy & Rick Tabish


    Detectives are suspicious that the sudden death of a Las Vegas casino mogul might not be an accident, but rather the evil doings of his girlfriend and her secret lover.   



  14. Snapped

    S7/E34: Carla Hughes

    A secret affair between two teachers ends with one facing the death penalty.

  15. Snapped

    S7/E30: Elicia Hughes

    When a cheating husband was shot after a night out with his lover, teacher Elicia Hughes was accused of waiting up to teach him a deadly lesson.

  16. Snapped Snapped S8/E24

    S8/EP24: Snapped S8/E24

  17. Snapped Snapped S10/E4

    S10/EP4: Snapped S10/E4

  18. Sunday, January 22

  19. Snapped Snapped S11/E6

    S11/EP6: Snapped S11/E6

  20. Snapped Snapped S12/E10

    S12/EP10: Snapped S12/E10

  21. Snapped Diane Borchardt

    S18/EP11: Diane Borchardt


    When the husband of a popular teacher’s aide is shot to death, the investigation uncovers infidelity, teenage hit men and an airtight alibi.

  22. Snapped Snapped S12/E11

    S12/EP11: Snapped S12/E11

  23. Snapped Snapped S12/E12

    S12/EP12: Snapped S12/E12

  24. Snapped Snapped S12/E13

    S12/EP13: Snapped S12/E13