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Schedule for 2017-06-27

  1. Snapped

    S18/EP13: Chandaliea Lowder


    A mother's fury leads to a shooting in the woods, but who will the community side with? Episode 1813

  2. Snapped

    S19/EP1: Tanasha Siena


    A 17-year relationship ends in gunfire, leaving two children fatherless as cops ask: was it self-defense or was it an act of jealousy?

  3. Snapped

    S19/EP2: Deborah Huiett


    The discovery of an unidentified woman's body in a roadside ditch leads to a mystery that unravels a deadly love triangle. 

  4. Snapped

    S19/EP3: Michele Donohue


    She said her husband ran away with his much younger mistress, but after years of suspicion, police find him much closer to home. Episode 1903

  5. Snapped

    S19/EP4: Patricia MacCallum


    When a camper goes missing, the search uncovers problems in his marriage and a deadly plot.

  6. Snapped

    S19/EP5: Shayna Hubers


    A beautiful college student and a successful attorney looked like the perfect couple, but a shooting reveals the shocking secrets in their relationship. After reviewing the interrogation tapes will a jury believe claims of self-defense? Episode 1905.

  7. Snapped

    S19/EP6: Shaunna Dodd


    A deadly home invasion leads to questions about a popular bartender, illegal drugs and the murder of her husband. Episode 1906

  8. Snapped

    S19/EP7: Michelle Byrom


    A shooting has investigators asking was it the work of a rebellious son, an abused wife or something far more sinister? Episode 1907

  9. Snapped

    S19/EP8: Donna Scrivo


    The discovery of a dismembered man rocks a close-knit town as shocking accusations spread about the alleged culprit - his doting mother. Episode 1908

  10. Snapped

    S19/EP9: Sarah McLinn


    A shocking murder raises questions about a young woman, her relationship with her boss and the possibility of multiple personalities. Episode 1909

  11. Snapped

    S19/EP10: Stacey Shoeck


    The murder of a devoted family man leads investigators through a twisted tale of infidelity, betrayal and one woman’s deadly plan. Episode 1910

  12. Snapped

    S19/EP11: Teresa Kotomski


    A woman faces tough decisions when her husband is on life support due to a mysterious illness, but is she a distraught wife in love or will the investigation uncover a poisonous secret? Episode 1911

  13. Snapped

    S19/EP12: Traci Wolfe


    One man’s brutal murder leads to questions about a doomed love triangle and the intentions of the woman at the center of it all. Episode 1912

  14. Snapped

    S19/EP13: Judy Parker


    A business man’s mysterious death sends police on a years-long investigation that leads to suspicions of those nearest and dearest to him. Episode 1913

  15. Snapped

    S20/EP1: Vegas Bray


    An attractive woman witnesses her ex-boyfriend’s shooting, but can’t remember what happened, raising questions about suicide, stalking and split personalities. Episode 2001

  16. Snapped

    S20/EP2: Shanda Crain


    When a daughter discovers her parents’ dead bodies within weeks of two other family members’ murders, investigators wonder if the family is being targeted or if it could be an inside job. Episode 2002

  17. Snapped

    S20/EP3: Tracy Fortson


    A body encased in concrete leads to questions about a former sheriff’s deputy and her boyfriend’s ties to law enforcement. Episode 2003

  18. Snapped

    S17/EP6: Amber Smith


    Amber finds her home ransacked, and the police find her fiancé dead in his bed. What at first seems like a home invasion gone wrong turns into a twisted situation, as melting snow reveals a clue. 

  19. Wednesday, June 28

  20. Snapped

    S20/EP5: Tina Williamson


    A deadly shooting raises questions about an elderly man’s business dealings and his friendship with a much younger woman. Episode 2005

  21. Snapped

    S20/EP6: Misook Wang


    While a community searches for a missing businesswoman, police uncover a shocking dispute with a money-hungry relative that they hope will lead them to a killer. Episode 2006

  22. Snapped

    S20/EP7: Whitney Harris


    A young mother claims she was caught up in her boyfriend’s murderous plan, but is she an innocent victim or a killer? Episode 2007

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