Friday Dec 19, 2014>
01:30 PMToo Young to Marry?The Biggest Mistake Ever
02:30 PMToo Young to Marry?This Wedding Is Not Valid!
03:30 PMToo Young to Marry?Marry Me Now or Never
04:30 PMToo Young to Marry?Will Love Keep Us Together?TVPG
05:30 PMRaising HelenRaising HelenTVPG13
08:10 PMA Cinderella StoryA Cinderella Story
10:15 PMA Cinderella StoryA Cinderella Story
12:20 AMRaising HelenRaising HelenTVPG13
03:00 AMTommie CopperTommie Copper
03:30 AMSlimming Jeggings-Get Two FREESlimming Jeggings - Get Two FREE!
04:00 AMPaid ProgrammingPaid Programming
04:30 AMZumba Incredible ResultsZumba Incredible Results Program – All New DVD System!
05:00 AMSexy In 3 WeeksSexy In 3 Weeks
05:30 AMWen Hair Care by Chaz DeanWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System