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Schedule for 2016-10-01

  1. Paid Programming

  2. E! Original Countdown

    15 Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies

  3. The E! True Hollywood Story

    Casey Anthony

  4. The E! True Hollywood Story (2002)

    S2/E63: O.j. Simpson

  5. The E! True Hollywood Story (2003)

    S3/E8: Jonbenet Ramsey

  6. Snapped

    S6/E27: Leslie Mackool

    Leslie Mackool lived a life of privilege until she married an older man with a history of broken marriages, violence and money trouble. When her disapproving mother cut off her allowance, Leslie decided to cut her mother out of her life permanently.

  7. Snapped

    S5/E11: Daphne Wright

    Daphne Wright faced many challenges as a deaf lesbian minority living in the conservative Midwest. But, when her romantic rival was brutally murdered and dismembered, Daphne would also find herself facing the death penalty.

  8. Snapped

    S5/E10: Brookey Lee West

    Brookey Lee West ended years of mother-daughter conflict when she put her unstable mother away. But, Brookey had new problems when police discovered her mother had been "put away" inside a trash can in a Las Vegas storage unit.

  9. Snapped

    S5/E9: Mary Krueger

    Mary Krueger caught her husband with a prostitute in the kitchen of their Iowa farmhouse, and she had a rifle in her hand when she made the discovery.

  10. Snapped

    S5/E7: Vicki Monroe

  11. Snapped

    S5/E6: Susan Polk

    During an acrimonious divorce, Susan Polk and her husband Felix both threatened to kill each other, but only one of them actually followed through.

  12. Snapped

    S7/E33: Yesenia Patino

    A businessman's secret affair with a transsexual ends with murder.

  13. Snapped

    S7/E31: Lynn Turner

    Two young men die miles and years apart - but it's what they have in common that draws the attention of homicide detectives.

  14. Killer Couples Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer

    S8/EP7: Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer


    A mother-daughter trip to paradise is cut short by a shocking crime.  Episode 807

  15. Killer Couples Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear

    S8/EP8: Danielle Hudson and Chaz Blackshear


    In a deadly race against the clock authorities must piece together a string of murders led by a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Episode 808

  16. Killer Couples

    S8/E9: Carman & Clarence Jenkins

    A senseless killing leads investigators on a manhunt to uncover the dark and bloody truth behind a couples' deranged ménage à trois

  17. Killer Couples Melissa Garcia and Edward Garcia

    S8/EP6: Melissa Garcia and Edward Garcia


    A couple of drifters befriend a Good Samaritan with horrific results. Episode 806

  18. Snapped Dawn Fowler

    S18/EP8: Dawn Fowler


    A church congregation is shocked when a deadly home invasion turns out to be part of a scandalous web of sex, lies and greed. Episode 1808

  19. Sunday, October 2

  20. The E! True Hollywood Story (2003)

    S3/E8: Jonbenet Ramsey

  21. E! Entertainment Special

    Bridal To Homicidal

  22. My Wife & Kids

    S2/E11: Letting Go

  23. Snapped

    S5/E12: Melanie Mcguire

    Friends supported Melanie McGuire when she told them her husband left her, but their sympathy turned to shock when his dismembered body washed up on the Jersey shore and his beautiful widow became the main suspect.

  24. Paid Programming