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Schedule for 2016-07-28

  1. House

    S2/E20: Euphoria (1)

  2. My Crazy Love My Crazy Love S1/E12

    S1/EP12: My Crazy Love S1/E12

  3. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E5: The Guy Who Gets A Hickey

    The top 12 found out things are not always as they appear in the magazines or in real life.

  4. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E6: The Girl Who Gets Possessed

    Some models came alive in the competition while others' spirits fell flat.

  5. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E7: The Guy Who Acts A Fool

    The top ten had to work together to get the job done. Some showed strength in numbers, while other couples were torn apart.

  6. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E8: The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up

  7. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E9: The Guy Or Girl Who Came Back

    The remaining seven contestants let the competitive spirit flow. However, when a curveball was thrown their way, each had to roll with the punches or fall behind in the race to become America's Next Top Model.

  8. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E10: The Girl Who Become Bootyful

    A formerly-eliminated model was welcomed back into the running

  9. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E11: The Guy Who Closed The Deal In Vegas

    During a challenge event in Las Vegas, an overconfident model loses focus and fails to impress. Meanwhile, one of the models seem more focused on romance than winning the competition.

  10. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E12: The Girl Who Took A Shot In The Dark

    The remaining six contestants try to get lucky in Las Vegas.

  11. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E13: The Guy Who Was A Momma's Boy

    The top five must prove they've got what it takes to make it to the home stretch of the competition.

  12. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E14: Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made A Splash

    The finalists shoot a campaign for Zappos Couture and prepare for the final runway show. Drama causes one of the models to lose focus when it is discovered she hooked up with another one of the models.

  13. America's Next Top Model

    S22/E15: Finale Part Two: America’s Next Top Model Is…

    In a runway showdown like no other, the final two models battle it out to earn the prestigious title. The finalists are joined by their mothers as they learn who is crowned America's Next Top Model.

  14. The Oxygen Movie

    Lizzie Mcguire

  15. The Oxygen Movie (big Night In)

    Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement

  16. The Oxygen Movie

    Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement

  17. Friday, July 29

  18. The Oxygen Movie

    Lizzie Mcguire

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